You may have heard about the Marie Kondo Method from Netflix and maybe even tried it. If not, I’m sharing 7 reasons to try the Marie Kondo Method and how this way of cleaning and organizing will be a game-changer. 

You may have heard about the Marie Kondo Method around the internet, and maybe even tried it. If not, I'm sharing 7 reasons to try the Marie Kondo Method and how this way of cleaning and organizing will be a game-changer. 

7 Reasons to Try the Marie Kondo Method

You may have heard all of the buzz lately about the Marie Kondo method, which can help anyone achieve a more organized home. This method is discussed in Marie’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which has sold millions of copies to date. In this book, Marie takes the tips she uses with her own clients and shares them with you! If you have been on the fence about the Marie Kondo method and want to know more, take a look below at 7 reasons to try the Marie Kondo Method. You might just find that her methods can benefit you too.

1. You learn the true meaning of nostalgia. Marie touches base on how we hold onto items due to pure nostalgia. And while this is common and ok even, we might be hanging onto items that don’t bring us joy. Just because you have had something for a long time or someone special gave it to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must keep it. When it comes to belongings, Marie helps you make smarter choices that bring you joy.

2. You learn new folding techniques. Marie does an excellent job demonstrating some new folding techniques that can help you better organize, store, and view your belongings. If you are at a loss on how to efficiently do any of these tasks, you are sure to learn some new methods.

3. You get to toss the hangers. With this method, you are shown that folding clothing is more efficient than hanging clothing. This means you get to toss all of those hangers! No more hanging, no more looking for hangers, no more tangled hangers. Are you ready to be hanger free? This may be the method for you.

4. You will find out what sparks joy. You will hear the words “sparks joy” a great many times in this book. You will truly learn what sparks joy in your own life and use this to help you get organized. When you find what sparks joy in your life, you will easily let go of things that in fact, do not. Soon, you will apply this method of thinking to more than just your belongings, but towards other aspects of your life too.

5. Your items will be respected. Although it seems silly at first, Marie teaches readers to respect their items, whether it be expensive jewelry or the socks you wear each day. This method helps you look at your belongings in a new way, a way that can help you make better organization choices.

6. You learn a new organizing order. Do you typically organize room by room? Do you do the kitchen, then the bathroom, then the bedrooms? Marie will change that. Instead of organizing room by room, you will organize subject by subject. For example, you will organize socks first, then books. This new order may seem unconventional, but in the end, it may prove to be more efficient for you.

7. It’s quick and easy to learn. Have you seen the book yet? It is just a small, less than inch thick book that is a quick read and easy to follow! Even if you feel like you don’t have time to learn anything new, you will find that this method is quick and easy to learn in a minimal amount of time.

If you are ready to get organized and find peace in your clutter, give the Marie Kondo Method your consideration.  These 7 reasons to try the Marie Kondo Method are worth considering!

Want to snag a copy of Marie’s book? You can find it on Amazon or wherever books are sold.