Wooster Ohio is small town packed with a ton of charm. Nestled in Amish country, not only will you find fresh bread and pastries, but Lehman’s, Smucker’s, and Pine Tree Barn are a few of their main attractions. See why Wooster Ohio should be on your travel bucket list. 

Wooster Ohio is small town packed with a ton of charm. Nestled in Amish country, not only will you find fresh breads and pastries, but Lehman's, Smucker's, and Pine Tree Barn are a few of their main attractions. See why Wooster Ohio should be on your travel bucket list.

 Oh Little Town of Wooster {foodie tour}

I’m starting to have a thing for small towns. Like, tiny towns. I grew up in a small city, which had a great sense of community, there is definitely something to be said about tight-knit communities where everyone knows everybody. Sometimes this can be a good and a bad thing. In the past few years of my travels, I’ve started to visit more small towns. In these experiences, I have come to love and appreciate what a small town can offer. Small towns are quaint, easier to navigate, and they have an intimacy that is mostly non-existent in big cities.

Take Wooster, Ohio for example. First, I had to google, where is Wooster, Ohio! Until recently, I had never heard of a little town called Wooster. If you haven’t either, then you are in for a good surprise. Plus, as a bonus isn’t Wooster just fun to say?

After dropping off the kids one early morning, I punched in the address for Wooster, Ohio and started on my road trip. It’s about a 4 1/2 hour road trip from my home Michigan, threading through Sandusky, Ohio and continuing on a two-lane highway until you reach your destination. 

As I drove through the town, I noticed quite a few shops in the downtown area, and restaurants. Hmm, I noted, this should be interesting. Over the next 48 hours, I was able to pack in a lot of miles (and smiles) of the downtown and surrounding area as part of my press trip. I’m going to share some of my personal highlights, and give you ideas on why you should visit Wooster, Ohio. 

As many of you know, we love talking about food here on the blog. So, most of my highlights will focus on the delicious food and decadent treats you can find in Wooster, Ohio.

 Quince Bakery & Cafe

After checking into my hotel room (which is totally swank, you can read more here), I headed out to meet the rest of the group at this super cozy Mom & Pop type cafe for lunch. Quince Bakery & Cafe is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. Known for their delicious pastries and savory home-cooked meals, Quince Bakery was bringing farm-to-table before it was popular.

 Quince Bakery & Cafe in Ohio

Located in Kidron (Amish Country), right across the street from Lehman’s, they serve breakfast, lunch, and a ton of delicious treats. I tried a massively, savory, and delicious breakfast sandwich, I was in way over my head but I ate it anyway. And you got to try the variety of hand-made pastries. All I can say is, I left with a full and satisfied stomach. I am a firm believer that the best things in life are edible, and you can certainly count Lehman’s as rubbing shoulders with some of best places to eat in Wooster.

 Quince Bakery & Cafe

Want another fun foodie spot? Stop by the cheese house or should I say specialty cheese house? Shisler’s is nationally known as one of the best places to find rare and unique cheeses. And the owner, Rita is a delight to meet and talk to in person. Listening to her stories and her expansive knowledge of all things cheese makes for this stop a must. Rita makes about 2000 pounds of cheese per week and ships to about 30 countries (mostly Europe) every year. Shisler’s is a one-of-a-kind experience, and if you love good high-quality cheese, pastries, and other homemade items (like small-batch butter, homemade noodles, etc. you’re in the luckiest of luck), you will enjoy roaming around her little shop with a big worldwide feel.

Schislers Cheese in Ohio- Amish Country

Leaving one food store for another, the JM Smucker’s Company Store & Cafe is a fun treat. I had no idea Smucker’s owned so many products, including one of our favorite beverage products, R.W. Knudsen’s. Derrick loves their products and uses them in quite a few of our mocktails and cocktails.

Smucker Store in Ohio

While browsing around the store, we were treated to a relaxing hot cup of Cider & Spice. Ah, the taste of warm apple cider was a delightful treat. The store was decorated in vibrant Christmas decor, which was another YUGE bonus. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Smucker Store in Ohio

One thing you must do while here is have your photo printed out on a jar of JIF. This is also a great gift idea to give to your Parents, friends, etc.

Smuckers Store in Ohio

Are you tired of food yet? If not, another spot in Wayne County is the Dutch Kitchen Bakery. Not only will you find more delicious pastry options, but also a restaurant with a full buffet.

City Square Restaurant- Best Steaks in Wooster Ohio

One place you have to go for dinner or a late lunch is City Square Steakhouse. Not only are they located in the heart of downtown, but they were also voted “2014 Best Steakhouse’s in America,” by Open Table. And I can see why. Of course, I had to order a steak to taste for myself. My center cut sirloin was seasoned to perfection, medium-well, juicy and tender. Best steak in 2016 too!

City Square Restaurant- Best Steaks in Wooster Ohio

Along with soup, cheesecake, and a piece of German chocolate cake, everything was cooked and baked to perfection. The restaurant was busy from the moment we sat down until we left. Not only did we have great customer service, but the atmosphere of the restaurant had a good vibe. I can see why locals and tourists love City Square.

City Square Restaurant- Best Steaks in Wooster Ohio

After spending a lovely night at the St. Paul hotel, we had breakfast at Muddy Waters Cafe. Not only is this breakfast spot filled with charm and character, but you will also find live entertainment during the evenings and summer nights. Considering I was still full from dinner, I kept it light with juice and toast.

Muddy Waters Cafe Wooster Ohio

Wooster is filled with places to eat. You could come just to eat, eat, and eat some more. We didn’t have time to stop into Basil Asian Bistro, but you could smell unique Pacific and Southeastern Asian cuisine wafting along the downtown streets. On my next visit, this bistro will be my #1 one place to visit.

Things to do in Wooster Ohio

After checking out the shops in the downtown area, including the Everything Rubbermaid Flagship Store, a cool record shop named Lucky’s, and several boutique stores (one featuring a lot of items you would find in Magnolia Market), have lunch at Broken Rocks.

Broken Rocks Restaurant in Ohio

There you will find fresh artisan bread, as well as stomach-filling Italian dishes with a modern twist.

The Faithful Little Cupcakes Wooster Ohio

Before leaving Wooster, you have to stop by The Faithful Little Cupcakes for a sweet treat.

Two other places that are must-do things in Wooster are Lehman’s and Pine Tree Barn.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio- Pine Tree Barn

Both of those locations are huge attractions to the Northeast Ohio area. Pine Tree Barn is a restored Dutch bank barn featuring over 25,000 square feet of furniture, home decor, and all things Christmas. Yes, this is a year-round Christmas store.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio- Pine Tree Barn

This family owned store and restaurant started back in the early 1960’s selling Christmas trees. Over the years they have expanded to a full-service, treating customers with hot cocoa while they picked out their trees, then over to the store and restaurant for gifts and pastries. The furniture you will find at Pine Tree Barn is not only gorgeous but of high quality.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio- Pine Tree Barn

Psst, if you plan to go, be sure you buy a few Lemon Crumb Muffins.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio-Lehman's

Located in the heart of Kidron, Lehman’s is a site of its own. Operating since 1955, you can find any and everything you need at Lehman’s. People come from across the world to check out this one-of-a-kind store. You will find pots, cast-iron skillets, food, oils, homemade kinds of butter and jams, everything you need to make your own soap, and everything you would need to survive without electricity.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio-Lehman's

Lehman’s is here to help you live a simpler life. I could have spent hours in this store just roaming around, fascinated with gizmos and gadgets.

Best Attraction in Northeast Ohio-Lehman's

Considering this is Amish Country, you’re bound to see Amish people. I have always been fascinated with their way of life. We’re living in the 21st century with access to many modern conveniences. To see the Amish still living their life in a simple, orderly fashion is amazing. There is something to be said about a simple life. Their life seems to be carefree, less worry about the latest fashion, gadgets, and gizmos. Just living life!

Amish Country- Lehmans- how Amish Live- Wayne Country Ohio

As you can see, Wooster has much to offer. Whether you are coming by yourself, with your significant other, or family, there is something for everyone. The foodie spots found in Wooster not only provide locals and tourists fresh, modern options, but twists on old-fashion staple recipes. Yes, oh little town of Wooster, you have a lot to offer. 

Have you ever been to Wooster, Ohio? Drop me a comment below and let me know some of your favorite things to do there. Or, if you haven’t, plan a trip and come back and share your travel stories! 

Thank you to Green Door Mediaworks and Wayne Country CVB for this amazing tour of Wooster. You can find more information about Wooster by visiting their website: http://mainstreetwooster.org/

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