8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks

Here's quick and easy creative solutions to keep track of your socks! 8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks

Are you tired of looking for lost socks? Where do they go? And if they are going somewhere warm, they need to take me with them! Here are  some ways I can quickly sort socks with these 8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks! Hopefully, these creative tips will help you save time in the laundry room! Because we all know, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here's quick and easy creative solutions to keep track of your socks! 8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks

8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks

Do you find yourself spending an insane amount of time sorting socks? Not only does this feel like a huge waste of time, but you may also find it to be an ineffective way of keeping socks organized. If you are looking for simpler methods of keeping your socks paired up and organized, take a look at these five sock sorting hacks that everyone should know! These sock sorting hacks can help you keep your socks matched up in less time, meaning no more wasted efforts or stray socks. Take a look at how to begin!

1. Utilize a lingerie bag for your sock cleaning.

Take a mesh lingerie bag that is used for washing your delicates in. Fill it up with your socks that are in need of washing. Then, just toss the whole bag in the washer. All of the socks will stay in place, so you only need to rummage through the bag to match pairs. No more lost or sucked up socks!

2. Use an indoor clothing line. 

If you have space in your laundry room, put up an indoor clothes line. This is an excellent way to place the missing or single socks on the line while you complete this tedious laundry task. Then, when you find the missing sock, you can quickly pull the other sock off the line. Boom!

3. Stick to one color of socks.

It is fun to buy character and patterned socks for your kids, but this just makes for more work when doing laundry. For the time being, stick to solid white socks. This way, you aren’t having to match patterns and colors and can just pair up a white sock to a white sock. Once you have a grip on this, you can slowly add in a colorful pair or two.

4. Have separate bins just for socks. 

A few years ago I stopped by Ikea (LOVE this store!) and picked up a few colored bins. When it’s time to sort the boys’ socks, I have them bring down their sock drawers. So while I am mating the socks, I can quickly toss the socks into each boy’s bin, and they can take it back upstairs. When we all work together, this task is completed within 15- 20 minutes!

Here's quick and easy creative solutions to keep track of your socks! 8 Quick Sock Sorting Hacks

5. Keep a lost-and-found-board.

Place a cork board up in the laundry room to pin lost socks too! This way they are displayed and visual and can be easily matched up when their pair is found. In our house, we use a small laundry basket. Whenever I cannot find the other sock, I place the single sock into a basket until the missing sock makes it way back home.

6. Clip socks together before washing.

Use small safety pins to clip socks together prior to washing. This way, pairs will stay with their match throughout the entire washing process. Yes, it takes a few seconds to clip the pair together before tossing them in, but you will save time in the end by not having to fish for socks. If you want, you can find giant safety pins to attach several socks for each child too!

7. Mark each child’s socks.

When you buy new socks, take a permanent marker and make a colored dot on the bottom of each pair. Use a different color dot for each child. This way, when the wash is ready to be organized all you need to do is to match colored dots. Kids can even pick out their socks this way.

8. Let it Go! 

No, this has nothing to do with the movie Frozen, WHEW! But if you want to sing “that” song while you complete this task, be my guest! If you haven’t found the missing sock, its companion, the yang to the yin, within three months, let it go! Toss that sock in the trash, OR find other creative hacks for the discarded sock. However, it’s time to stop hoarding wasted space by keeping missing socks.

See how simple it can be to keep your socks organized with less time and effort? Give these sock sorting hacks a try!

Do you have hacks or tips to help with sock sorting? Leave me a comment below. And be sure to check out these easy Laundry Hacks to help you save time on another tedious task!

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  1. February 8, 2016

    Love the name of your blog!
    These tips are great! My fave- throw it away!!
    Here from Inspire Me Monday.

    • February 9, 2016

      Thank you Melinda!! Yes, I tend to toss a ton of socks out. It’s just easier 🙂

  2. Great tips to help the ‘sock bermuda traingle’. I hate sock sorting! Bu lately I’ve been getting my kids to pair them up. They love it since they have learnt how to fold them together in neat little bundles (they actually ask me if they can do it) – although I’m not sure how long this enthusiasm will last lol.

  3. February 12, 2016

    Excellent tips! Missing socks are a common problem from many families. I think using a lingerie bag for washing socks is the best idea, it really streamlines the laundry sorting process, too!

  4. February 14, 2016

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us at Merry Monday. The washer and or dryer eat our socks. I should use the lingerie bag:-)

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