The Suite Escape: Reasons To LOVE Staying At A Vacation Home

Headed to Disneyland or Southern California? The Suite Escapes is a SWEET Place to stay. Keep reading to hear why The Suite Escape: Reasons To LOVE Staying At A Vacation Home is a great choice for your family vacation.

Headed to Disneyland or Southern California? The Suite Escapes is a SWEET Place to stay. The perfect Vacation Home- here's several reasons why: The Suite Escape Several Reasons To LOVE Staying At A Vacation Home

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The Suite Escape: Reasons To LOVE Staying At A Vacation Home

Suite Escapes is simply sweet!

On a recent family vacation to sunny California we stayed at a wonderful Suite Escapes property and it was awesome. Now, this isn’t our first stay at a vacation home, but every time our family stays at a one, it solidifies my opinion that they are a much better overall value when compared to the  traditional hotel room experience.

Suite Escapes Dining Room

How is staying at a Suite Escapes property going to put a smile on everyone’s face?

You want to know why staying at Suite Escapes is a smart thing to do? I’ll give you my top reasons why you’re gonna love the “Suite Life”:

Space. And not having enough of it can not only dampen every one’s mood, but limited space can also create unnecessary stress and frustration. And extra problems due to discomfort is a waste of your families’ valuable vacay time. When we are on vacation every day is priceless and you probably feel the same way too.  Isn’t bad enough when the car ride, flight or whatever mode of transportation used to get from point A to point B is cramped and mostly uncomfortable? And when you finally get to the hotel you find yourself sleeping literally on top of each other in a too small hotel room. Our Suite Escapes accommodations had plenty of space. As a matter of fact our suite was an impressive 1,333 square feet! I’ll let that bit of info sink in for minute or two before I continue.

Suite Escapes Living Room

The main floor area comprises a large comfortable and well decorated living room space with a huge flat-screen t.v. And the center piece of the dining room was a table that could easily seat eight people. My husband, who is the go-to cook of the family fell in love with the galley style kitchen. Plus, the kitchen came stocked with all manner of pots, pans, baking dishes, glasses and flatware. We were also impressed with the canisters of flour and sugar, as well as just about any herb and spice you can think of. Having these items already on premise made it super easy to whip up a home cooked meal away from home in no time. There is also a large modern refrigerator and dishwasher. This can also save you money if you’re on a budget (we’re always on a budget) by cooking instead of spending money to dine out.  There is also a half bathroom on the main floor too. There is also a large two car garage where you will find a modern washer and dryer.

Suite Escapes Kitchen1

We really appreciated the  ground level entry, which meant there was no dragging baggage into an elevator or up flights of stairs.

Upstairs we found 2 regular bedrooms and 1 large master bedroom with a locking door (wink) and its own bathroom. All the bedrooms were gorgeous.  One bedroom has a bunk bed which our twins laid claim to and our youngest boy was more than fine with having his very own room. There is also another bathroom with a tub which brings the total to 2 bathrooms upstairs. Are you thinking what we thought about too? No more waiting in line or having to share a tiny hotel bathroom. You will also find a linen closet with enough fluffy clean towels to supply an army.

Suite Escapes Master Bedroom

Privacy. With a vacation home or suite your family doesn’t have to worry about privacy. Our vacation home had plenty of bathrooms (2.5 to be exact) which offered lots of privacy. And as parents we definitely enjoyed having our own master bedroom. There is also a fenced in patio area with high walls that give complete privacy. The patio area also has a gas grill. Can you say BBQ! Another nice feature is the private pool located near the Suite Escapes property, it is easily accessed by a key fob located on a key-chain on a hook near the entrance door. The area is on the grounds of a club house and and there is also a jacuzzi too.

Suite Escapes Bedroom3

Peace and quiet. There is nothing like getting a good night’s sleep without being interrupted by other guests bumping around in the room next door or the room right above your head. After the boys were asleep for the night it was easy for us to enjoy a movie or some peace and quiet in our King size bed, oh and lest I forget, the master bathroom shower fits two. Suite Escapes makes all this possible and it is a lot more affordable than you might think.

Suite Escapes Bedroom2

When it comes to Autism

Having twins on the Autism Spectrum this was a definite must-have bonus for us. When we go on vacations, I look for vacation homes, hotels with suites or resorts with space for our family. One twin needs time to unwind and get away from a ton of noise. Unfortunately, his little brother likes to sing and talk at the loudest level possible. Being able to give this twin space of his own where he can play on his iPad, take a nap or just chill is crucial on vacations. By giving him space to do this, he then is ready to function for the next outing. It’s also nice to stay in a vacation home so you can have days where you just chill and do absolutely nothing. You cannot do this in a regular hotel.

Another bonus for those with kids on the Autism Spectrum is the kitchen. If your child is on a Gluten-Free diet or have other type of dietary needs, having a kitchen where you can make their meals is a necessity.

Suite Escapes Kitchen

Location, location, location

The Suite Escapes property we stayed at was located close to so many things we came to California to do. It was within minutes of Disneyland and Downtown Disney. And although we didn’t do Disneyland this time around we did spend an evening or two traipsing around Downtown Disney.

Activities in Downtown Disney

Whenever we’re in proximity of Downtown Disney we head to our favorite spot, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express for their delicious made in-house beignets (deep-fried pastry dough covered in powered sugar), so addictive, so good.

zaydn having a blast at downtown disney

You’ll also find some of your favorite stores close by, like Target and several other grocery stores as well. We also ate at the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and it left us both full and wondering why we hadn’t dined here before. Morton’s Steakhouse is right down the street too, although we didn’t eat there this time it is on our list of places to eat. Also, when you use book your reservation using the Open Table app you’ll earn points towards a free meal from your favorite participating eateries.

Suite Escapes Closet

The take away

If you want to experience a different option wherein all the comforts and space of home is yours to enjoy while on vacation it is hard to beat that Suite Escapes properties experience. Lots of space, privacy and peace and quiet are the coveted triumvirate of family vacation accommodations. A fully functional and well stocked kitchen helps you say even more money. Having your own two car garage takes the frustration out of trying to find a parking or having to park too far away and having to trek back and forth. On premise washer and dryer means if you have to do laundry you won’t have to pay for it  and Suite Escapes provides laundry detergent too. If you have small children there are items such as a highchair, portable cribs and staircase gates to keep the little ones safe.

Recap with my five favorites things about The Suite Escape

  1. Space- everyone having their own room is a bonus.
  2. Saving money – by eating breakfast and a few meals helped us save money (do you know an average family of 4 can spend $120 per day on food! Our family can easily spend $150 a day on food!!)
  3. Luxury and necessities of home – having an onsite laundry, WiFi, it felt like home
  4. Great Customer Service – the owners of The Suite Escape were wonderful! I was able to meet one of them during our stay.
  5. Everything you can think of is there – from towels, sheets, to pool toys, laundry detergent, baby bed, highchair, jogging strollers, car seats, plates, utensils and even the basic condiments and food, they have thought of everything!

Negatives: No room service, you’ll have to make your own bed, and if you want fresh towels you’ll have to wash them yourself.

Overall though I believe the positives outweighs the (one) negative (which really isn’t a bad thing, right?) and a Suite Escapes vacation property is just a better experience. So, if you are planning a vacation to sunny southern California do yourself and your family a huge favor and book a stay at Suite Escapes, and you won’t be disappointed. Also be sure to check out their website. They run specials from time to time, where you can score nights starting at $129 per night (which is a GREAT deal for a vacation home and all these benefits!).

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course, their website!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary stay to facilitate this review. However, this post contains nothing but my 100% honest opinion!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    May 28, 2015

    When traveling with a family, it is so much easier to stay in a home versus a hotel room. That extra space is SO helpful!

  2. May 28, 2015

    I think having the laundry at hand would be awesome! I would do it all before I got home and save so much headache.

  3. I think this is great- and no maid service is better for me! No worry about people coming in and out of my room AND Laundry on site!

  4. May 28, 2015

    I would much rather stay at a vacation home. I never thought of it before but it’s perfect. With a huge family like much it’s a much better choice!

  5. Amy G
    May 28, 2015

    Looks like a great place to stay. I would love to stay there!

  6. May 28, 2015

    OH my goodness! That decor is beautiful! And I’m glad I’ve come across this post because we are headed out on vacation in 2 days and we’ve rented a beach home. I guess I take it for granted because I’ve been a bit fussy about the whole thing – but you’re right! I should count my blessings because it’s always a really nice atmosphere!

  7. Elizabeth O.
    May 29, 2015

    I prefer staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel room. There’s a lot of space, plus you get to cook for some meals and help you save money.

  8. September 17, 2015

    What an adorable vacation home. I would agree its the perfect spot to really take a vacation especially after a long day at the theme park. Everyone’s nerves have been tested enough 😉

  9. Thanks for the tip about Suite Experiences, first time hearing about them and will definitely try them out. Love having extra room and space, plus being able to cook when traveling.

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