Planning a family vacation to Indiana? There are a ton of things to do in French Lick Indiana. Check out our post on things to do for families in French Lick!

Planning a family vacation to Indiana? There are a ton of things to do in French Lick Indiana. Check out our post on things to do for families in French Lick!


Things To Do In French Lick Indiana For Families

Recently I visited French Lick, Indiana and discovered some fun things to share with you. This small family friendly town is an ideal fast getaway destination for any family.  My favorite things to do in French Lick, Indiana are ideal for the adventurer’s spirit.

Being from the Midwest, I always thought it was cooler to fly out to California a few times each year, or down to Florida to soak up the sun and all things Disney. However, as I expand our family travel map, I’ve learned that you don’t have to go very far for those cool experiences.
Things To Do in French Lick Indiana
Take Indiana for example. It’s only a few hours from Lansing, and it’s packed with a ton of things to do for individuals, couples, girl’s trips, and families. I love to search for new places to go, and I thumb through magazines, search the Internet, and hashtags on Instagram for new ideas.
French Lick Resort in Indiana
Well, let me tell you about this place called French Lick.
French Lick is just on the other side of Fort Wayne (when coming from Michigan), closer to the Kentucky border. When I talked to my family about heading down to explore this little town, they were like, “that sounds boring. What is there to do?”
Oh, kids, you have no idea the fun you’re about to have in French Lick.
Things to do in French Lick for kids
So, one chilly Tuesday, Zayn’n and I hopped in our Sorento and made our way down the highway to Indiana. Unfortunately, the twins had important tests at school, and it wasn’t worth the hassle of pulling them out and making it up later. However, I am a firm believer in pulling my kids out of school (when appropriate) to take them on a new adventure. Traveling is educational.
After a few hours on the road, a stop at Starbucks, and some seriously dark back country roads, we arrived at the French Lick Resort around midnight. When you pull up to the French Lick Resort, you are immediately amazed and captivated by the size of this place, and the grand feeling it gives you.
French Lick Resort in Indiana
Although it was dark when we arrived, I could make out a beautiful long porch with tons of rocking chairs for those moments when you just wanted to soak up the sun and relax. Oh yes, I could already tell this was going to be a beautiful place to stay.
Zayd’n and I scurried up the long flight of stairs and opened the beautiful gold doors. The inside did not disappoint. The lobby is stunning (see my photo below).  After checking in by the friendly customer service staff, we headed upstairs to our suite. We turned the knob and opened up the door to our room. You can read the rest of this beautiful, historic hotel here. 
 French Lick Resort in Indiana
 After a night of GOOD rest, we woke up the next morning ready to conquer the day. From a spa day with elephants to horseback riding, French Lick offered us some pretty cool, unique experiences. If you’re looking for a new family friendly place to vacation, add French Lick to your bucket list. Let me share with you some of the amazing experiences you and your family can have there!

Things To Do In French Lick Indiana

The area of French Lick and West Baden, Indiana is rich in beautiful views and fun history.  The home of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus brings about annual events honoring the circus and the prized elephant that was often the biggest piece of the show.  From beautiful views to fun outdoor adventures, this region in Southern Indiana is a great small town to visit for a relaxed and fun adventure with you family.

Go on the French Lick Scenic Train Ride.  If you have a train lover in your family, this is a must.  An old-time train ride around the scenic area of French Lick, Indiana is a great way to pass a beautiful afternoon.  This is an ideal activity for a fall afternoon when the leaves are turning, and the views are even more beautiful.

Enjoy indoor game centers with kids.  With indoor go-karting, laser tag, and miniature golf all available in the area, weather won’t prevent you from having fun.  While miniature golf is outdoors, the other fun family activities are ideal for a rainy or too cold day.

French Lick Resort in Indiana

Every kid loves a day of adventure indoor with their parents.  This is a great family-friendly way to spend a day that is a must on our list of things to do in French Lick, Indiana.  Don’t forget the local indoor water park and hotel.  No matter what the temperature is outside, it is warm and fun inside at this water park destination that is a hit with families of all ages.

Go for a Zip Line Adventure.  Our boys love a zip line adventure, and French Lick, Indiana is a great place to experience that as a family.  With a fun and safe local zip line adventure, we can spend a few hours of adrenaline pumping adventure.

Explore local trails.  There are tons of beautiful trails and areas around French Lick, Indiana that is ideal for taking hikes or going for a ride.  Nature walks, hikes through the woods, and fun bike rides are all great ways to spend a day with you family.

things to do in french lick indiana for kids

We enjoyed taking local trails by horseback through with a great local stable.  A horseback ride adventure is a great way to let your kids learn about the animals while also enjoying a fun time with their family.  Horses are so beautiful and strong, and ideal for navigating the trails that may be tough for you on foot or bike.

Visit French Lick West Baden Museum:  This is well-known for the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus.  Visit this museum to learn more about the history of the area, and see a miniature diorama of the circus.  This is great for kids that love the circus.

French Lick and West Baden, Indiana offer many great adventures for your family.  This list of things to do in French Lick, Indiana is a great place to begin for a fun weekend getaway with your kids.

things to do in french lick indiana for kids

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