To My 11-Year Old Son

A Letter To My 11 Year old Son

Zayd’n recently turned 11. I thought I would try something new by writing a letter to him and sharing it here on the blog.

A Letter To My 11-Year Old Son

To my 11-year old son. 

It’s hard to believe just 11 years ago on July 30th at 5 in the morning you arrived. 

Our last baby. 

Initially, you were supposed to come around the 23rd of July. With being over a week late, I kept wondering what was taking you so long to come out! As you tell me, “you weren’t ready to come out yet!”

A Letter To My 11 Year old Son

Oh Zayd’n, you have brought such joy to our lives and home. There is truly never a dull moment when you’re around. You can easily walk into a room and get a party started. Your energy and love for other people are what makes you so cool. 

You are always willing to share and would give the shirt off your back to help out your friends and brothers. You’re always willing to help Mom and Dad out when we need an extra set of hands. 

Just a few weeks ago you came to me and said, “I’m going to start doing the laundry!”

At first, I thought you only wanted to the laundry to gain extra brownie points for your upcoming birthday party. 

But your birthday party has come and gone, and you’re still doing the laundry. You have taken this role pretty seriously. Especially staying up late to finish the clothes and fold them. 

This is just one cool thing about you. You are like a coat of many colors; you have so many cool characteristics about you. 

A Letter To My 11 Year old Son

Here’s a few more:

  • You’re a charmer. 
  • You are a true gentleman. 
  • You are the biggest goofball. 
  • You are smart. You work hard and excel at everything you put your mind into doing. Keep that up. 
  • You are willing to learn. 
  • You are always ready to step out of your comfort zone. There have been many times you didn’t want to do something, but with a little push you succeeded and accomplished a new goal. 
  • You are a comforter. You know how to pick someone up when they are down. After losing Gammy and Grandfather, you have been there to make me smile and keep going even when I don’t want to smile. You say silly little things that make me smile. 
  • You are annoying. Yes, I love you, but you are. You love to pester everyone in the house. 
  • You are a protector. You will stand up for your family and people you care about the most. 
  • You are a leader. I’m glad that you’re not easily swayed by what other kids do. You do your own thing. 
  • You are a natural actor. I believe you could be big one day. And I’m sure many Moms say that about their kids, but they haven’t met you. 
  • You are a true friend.
  • You talk A LOT. You are definitely a social butterfly. You love to connect with people and talk about what you have in common with them. 
  • You are a little blogger. You have taken your role of becoming a blogger seriously. We like that you are learning from us, and we will do our best to continue to support your endeavors. 

A Letter To My 11 Year old Son

As you start the 5th grade and the 11th year of your little life, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. I know you’re going to do big things Zayd’n, and I’m glad we get to be in the front row cheering for you! 

After having your brothers, we thought we would try one more time, and we got you. 

I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world (well, I could be convinced for about 10 billion dollars… Kidding!). 

Happy Birthday Zayd’n, we love you and so proud of all of your accomplishments! 

A Letter To My 11 Year old Son

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