Reflection : A Walking Tour of San Diego

Things to do in San Diego

A Walking Tour of San Diego- see what I explored during a recent California vacation after my #newkia experience with the Kia Stinger. 

A Walking Tour of San Diego- see what I explored during a recent California vacation.

“i cannot go and not bring baggage

i am baggage;

even my chromosomes are carry-ons

of habit, inherited phobias, and hand me down guilts,

sewed compartments of overbooked histories

and genetic markers mere passport.

i become, in essence, what i carry,

therefore i am always carried away.”

-d. durand worthey ©


Walking Tour: Reflecting San Diego

Travel is a cure; it is also the best remedy for shaking the cobwebs out of one’s head. Case in point, I recently traveled westward, visited San Diego, California for the #TheNewKia 2018 San Diego event for the first time. Lots of fun. I made lots of new and interesting friends, definitely a great time. The end part though was a gem of stolen moments, of made meaning, cherished all the more for what I discovered. On the last day, when the music had faded and fanfare had washed out to sea, in its stead, I was left renewed, becalmed, and introspective. I had a few hours to kill before taking a train to Anaheim to meet up with the family and so what did I do? I went sightseeing with my luggage in tow. I journeyed. Not far. But far enough to catalog visions of the distance ventured, revealed in a sliver of space I’ve never been. How, over a span of a spare few hours I experienced a city at peace with itself and me. No surprise, because, in San Diego, with its temperate climate and sun-bathed interludes a moment can whisper to you in a hushed tone (and with a kind of earned arrogance), “I am America’s Finest City,” and you will come to know, it’s the truth.

San Diego

Nearly 48 hrs earlier on my first night in San Diego, I lay in my hotel bed all alone with my thoughts; a glut of commingled intrusions unbidden, disquieted, and rampant. A warning here, I have a poet’s mind where metaphor and the literal often dance to the same songs. Where bodies of thought untwist and deepen, then quickly grasp, morphing into restrung beats. Beats upon beats. Time signatures inked with a mindful signatory, me. Imprinting a new me from the impressions of current surroundings and this too; how my past tense selves add to the mix to aid my never-ending evolution. Where first impressions originate then segue way, wildly running linear and perpendicular to sense and improvised purpose. Where the imagination conjures prose and a nose for ostentatious wordplay blooms like a beneficent plague. Know this as well, I can’t help myself, nor should I. I’ve got a story to tell, through a lens, and too long sentences. A vocabulary of means, to mean something, and by any means necessary.

So, let the pictures tell it like it is like it was, and like whatever the photos have to convey to you.

Before San Diego, Kia Motors sent each would-be attendee a suitcase, and at some unknown point, that suitcase for me became a symbol for a vessel which holds memory. Receptacle. But, not just for the items I would pack, but the intangible accouterments beyond clothes and ointments; to house the memorized moments, and other priceless impressions, and golden-dusted reflections too. Suitcase, as a repository for the learned appreciation of a place; it’s mercurial mood and overlapping meanings. And so, with my suitcase in tow, I set out to search to and fro a collection of images within a place and documenting its visual poetry. And stow these visual keepsakes away for future times when recollections are revisited and bring warmth and smiles.

San Diego

‘Home is the starting place,

a decided upon point of begin,

where I purpose, plan, and venture,

going  a way, only to return different, redolent with journey, then starstruck, to plot my next course.”

-d. durand worthey ©

The day of my parting, I exit the Hard Rock Hotel, cross L Street, then venture eastward traversing 5th, picking up the Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade. The trail pays homage to its namesake, slain civil rights activist MLK Jr. And for me, it was an interesting discovering, totally by accident, serendipitous, but fortuitous all the same. This slice of cool beans and societal significance spans roughly 0.75 miles. Along its course, the trail is marked with several sculptures, and many of Martin’s insightful and impactful quotes chiseled into concrete. Definitely of interest, if your interested.

San Diego

“and how this baggage stretches

strains its bindings

to contain much wisdom,

yet, garbed in mendicant black

to mourn a treasure of a man

who’s gallant spirit wages on, like his dream, among us still”

-d. durand worthey ©

San Diego

“Breaking The Chains,” sculpture work by Melvin Edwards

San Diego houses many beautiful facets, with a flourishing art scene, more museums, galleries and art spaces than you can shake a paintbrush. Yet, witness the cityletting the art parade its significance and retell those occurrences which still matter as much as they did when such ideas were first proffered. Let’s continue to break chains and advocate freedom and equality for all; peaceful coexistence is possible if only we stop contradicting our words versus our actions. Peace is possible when, to quote Mr. Kravitz, “let love rule,” and let all else fall by the wayside.

San Diego

The D.R.E.A.M. artwork by Roberto Salas speaks volumes and is a physical testament to the enduring legacy, and the continued relevance, of Martin Luther King Jr.’s  “I Have A Dream,” speech.

San Diego

“you cannot capture freedom,

 like water, it will find the holes in tyranny

rust the chains of slavery as thoroughly as salt-watered tears

it may take ages

but freedom is as patient as he needs to be.”

-d. durand worthey ©


San Diego

Nomads and nomenclature surround. The Salida Trolley line will ferry you here, and away you will go remembering, collecting the treasures of memory, and beginning again. 


San Diego

“there is never a time when memory forgets its childish beginnings,

for how can a soul forget or fail to reference innocence not wholly lost?

the danger isn’t the loss of a thing

the horror is in the forgetting of having ever had it.”

-d. durand worthey ©


San Diego

“images too are words,

and there is nothing ever silent about them,

only the failure of listening,

the endless songs of light bouncing

and darkness shedding its star blind attire

the imagery of life so beautiful our gods

created our ears as eyes, and the reverse, to hear, to onlook, and marvel at every chorus of visual delicacy.”

-d. durand worthey ©


San Diego

San Diego will remind you to get in…

San Diego

Where you fit in…

San Diego

Amid a horde of Blue Glow Agave, a reminder that finding one’s tribe isn’t based on them looking like you or vice versa, what matters is your tribes’ unyielding support, and how they make you stand out because their love for you makes you glow. I think I have found my tribe, my #KiaFamily is a diverse mix of beautiful free spirits, I claim them all, and hopefully, I am likewise claimed. 

San Diego

“Take it slow, but also take it all in. Perspective and appreciation are the Ying and Yang of every experience.”

-d. durand worthey ©

San Diego

“One if by land, two if by sea. But what if the seas give us safe passage let the rocky shores welcome us, let us all in, minus hesitation, without borders. No need for green cards or passports. Our journeys goad us to write it all down with the penmanship of footprints: to document as hunters and gatherers of limitless love and familial care. After we have opened our eyes and discovered the endless span of this glorious earth; from sea to shining sea we will come to know our family tree is deeply rooted beneath a singular canopy.” 

-d. durand worthey ©


San Diego

Many things can be learned in a single place; when you smile at others, it isn’t just your face they see or feel. No, people mostly react to the energy you transmit, and here, these beautiful people responded to my smile, my positive energy. For when you give love, you will often receive it back multiplied.


A Walking Tour of San Diego- see what I explored during a recent California vacation.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go! “You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” ― Dr. Seuss


San Diego


“Plant me among the wildflowers and leave me rooted there,

 I will receive sustenance from the soil

  rainfall will quench me by the clouds in the air,

and when I bloom,

so beautiful, even the sun will stop and stare.”


San Diego

“So go often and go far, if a ticket can be bought I’ll travel the stars.”


Thank you, Kia, for this opportunity to experience San Diego, and reminding me that although it is your incredible automobiles which transport us from place to place, we do so to further and deepen our connections to people; namely our friends and families, and to discover ourselves through the places we go. To live out loud, and to soak it all up with a measure of gratitude.


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