Finding the time to read these days can be a struggle. If you want to jump back into reading, but don’t know where to find the time, read my tips on 7 ways to find more time to read below! 

Finding the time to read these days can be a struggle. If you want to jump back into reading, but don't know where to find the time, read my tips on 7 ways to find more time to on the blog!

7 Ways to Find More Time to Read

Don’t you hate stumbling across a great list of book recommendations, or even worse, free ebooks available only to feel like you have no time to read? If you feel like you have many books to read but too little time, take a look at these 7 ways to find more time to read. When you give these 7 tips a try, you can find more pockets of time that you didn’t know you had. Here is how you can get started and find more time to tackle that pile of books!

1. In the school pick-up line. Instead of sitting in the school pick up line wondering why Johnny’s mom never donates to the PTO bake sale, pull out your book or e-reader. This is the perfect 10-15 minutes to tackle a chapter and find out what happens next!

2. Before bed. I know, you are way too tired. But chances are, you spend 10-1 minutes browsing on Facebook before you head hits the pillow. Use that time instead to check out a new book and relax yourself into a great night’s sleep.

3. In the grocery store check out. How much time do you spend waiting to check out at the grocery store? This 10-minute chunk of time is perfect for reading the next chapter of your book. Just set your book or e-reader on the cart handle and read away! And just think, this will curb those checkout lane impulse purchases. You showed them!

4. Substitute reading for snacking. Do you feel the urge to snack? Grab a book instead! It may feel as though that chocolate bar dipped in peanut butter is all that will satisfy you, but what about a fast-paced mystery or hot romance instead?

5. While you exercise. So many exercise machines now have a space on them to set your books. This makes it easy to read while you run or do the elliptical. Nothing feels as great as working out your body and your mind at the same time.

6. While you drive. Now hang tight. I am NOT saying read a book while you drive. But I am saying listen to an audiobook while you drive. This is a great way to hear a new story without taking your hands or your eyes off the road.

7. Read when your kids read. Are your children encouraged at school to read nightly? This is the perfect time to stop what you are doing and join them. Not only will you get some reading time in, but you will be setting a great example!

So no more excuses. Give these 7 ways to find more time to read a try! So many great books are waiting.

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I tend to find time reading when I’m having my morning (or afternoon) coffee!


What are you currently reading? Drop a line and let me know below- including what are some of your tips to find time to read! 

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