The holidays are approaching, which means it is time to start thinking about presents! And while you might be worried about what to get your cousin or how to spend on your uncle, one thing you won’t have to worry about is the gift wrapping paper. Why? Because below we have included 7 genius wrapping paper tips and tricks so you can wrap gifts quickly, inexpensively, and maybe even have a little fun while doing so. Here are 7 genius wrapping paper tips and tricks to get you started!

Check our 7 Genius Gift Wrapping Paper Tips and Tricks to make it easier to manage this holiday season! Christmas gifts are easy to wrap when you use these!

7 Genius Gift Wrapping Paper Trips And Tricks

1. Save those toilet paper rolls.
Take an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and cut it down one side so it becomes a cuff. You can now take the cardboard cuff and wrap it around your gift wrapping paper roll to hold it all together. This way, you don’t need to worry about the paper unraveling, getting wrinkled, or making a mess. It does a great job of holding it all in place.

2. Check the packaging for the square footage.
Sure that roll of wrapping paper is only a buck, but how many square feet of paper does it contain? Make sure you look for square footage when you are pricing gift wrapping paper. It may be a better deal to buy the $5 roll that has 150 square feet as opposed to 5 of the 20 square foot rolls at $1 each. It is worth taking the time to do a little math and save.

Check our 7 Genius Gift Wrapping Paper Tips and Tricks to make it easier to manage this holiday season! Christmas gifts are easy to wrap when you use these!

3. Use patterned paper to help separate kids gifts.
Do you have multiple kids to wrap for and don’t want to mess with a gift tag? Assign each child one type of paper. For example, one child can get all snowman paper, while another child gets all reindeer paper. Even if gifts get shuffled, if you remember which pattern each child is assigned you will have no trouble sorting.

4. Set up a proper wrapping station.
Taking a few minutes to set up a proper wrapping station can save you so much time and stress. Get out a card table, so you don’t need to bend down low or wrap on the floor. Your table should also include a canister of scissors, tape, pens and gift tags. You should also include any wrapping paper or ribbons you wish to use. Take 15 minutes to organize everything at once, and you won’t be running all over later on.

5. Behold the power of a paper clip.
Tag a paper clip onto the end of your tape between uses, so the tap doesn’t get lost in the roll. This saves your fingernails from having to dig and try to get the tape off the roll to start again. You can also use paper clips to hold the ends of wrapping paper to the rolls, so they don’t become unraveled.

6. Use some washi tape.
For a quick ribbon appearance, you can use washi tape to decorate wrapped gifts. Just apply the washi tape across the box as you would ribbon. It is easier than ribbon, it looks like ribbon, and since it is washi tape you know it will stay in place! This is a quick way to add a touch of color and décor to your wrapping paper.

7. Gather your garment bags.
Garment bags are excellent for storing gift wrapping paper rolls in. Just secure the ends of the wrapping paper using one of the methods above, then place in the garment bag, so the rolls remain moisture and dust free.

This year, these gift wrapping paper tips will make your holiday stress easier to manage!

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