7 Ways To Make Disneyland More Enjoyable

Disneyland is one of our favorite vacation destinations.  The home of Walt Disney’s original creation is made even more fun when you take advantage of these 7 Ways To Make Disneyland More Enjoyable.  Not only do you have the beautiful California weather, but you will be visiting the original location of many of your favorite attractions.  We remember the days of the people movers at Disneyland, but embrace the new additions that include Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear themed rides.  When you head to Anaheim, these tips are great for keeping in mind to make your time at Disneyland more enjoyable for everyone.

7 Ways To Make Disneyland More Enjoyable

7 Ways To Make Disneyland More Enjoyable

Take advantage of the train & monorail.  Not only are both the train and monorail great for riding around the park to and from different “lands”, they are great for relaxing when you are tired.  Not to mention the fact that they are a perfect place to take your younger kids to help them rest for a bit.  Load the stroller onto the train and watch your kids fall asleep with the movement. This is great for those family trips that include younger kids who really wear down and could use a midday break and nap.

Get fast passes early.  If you know you want to ride specific rides that are highly popular, go and get your fast passes early in the day.  Go to each ride early and then map your route around the park by what time your fast pass is for.  This expedites the time in line, and makes it a lot more enjoyable for everyone in your party.

Bring your own water bottles.  Drinks are always expensive in park, but not only that it is nice to have something easy to carry that has a tight lid throughout the park.  I recommend getting the collapsible water bottles that can be rolled and tucked into your pocket when empty.  Portable, useful and inexpensive.  There are water fountains all over the park, and many of the concession areas will even fill your water bottle for you or give you a cup of water for free when asked.

Go to Fantasyland during the fireworks.  This one is a secret our family loves.  If you can make it to Fantasyland during the time people are lining up on Main Street to watch the fireworks, you’ll be able to get into all of the rides with minimal to no lines.  Some of these aren’t as fun in the dark, but the view of the fireworks from the It’s A Small World area is well worth the time there.  Little to no waiting and beautiful views without the crowd make this one of our family favorites.

Make restaurant reservations ahead of time online.  There are a ton of concession areas around the park, but the restaurants that accept reservations are the ones you really want to hit.  Make reservations online ahead of time for anything that is special for your family to go to.  Our favorite is the Blue Bayou that has an amazing Monte Cristo sandwich.

Head to back of park first.  When you get to the park, make a beeline for the back of the park.  You’ll encounter shorter lines there and able to get onto some of your favorite rides right away.  As the day wears on, more people in the park will make lines longer no matter where you go.  Starting out with at least a few shorter lines in the back of the park will help you to enjoy more rides while in the park.

Reapply sunscreen regularly.  This is just a personal little piece of advice that will prevent you from being miserable later.  There is a ton of shade in the park, but there is also a ton of direct sunlight.  As the day goes by, sweat, water from rides and such will make your original sunscreen application disappear.  Bring a small tube with you and make sure to step into the restroom a couple of times to reapply on the back of necks, chests, ears and faces.  Wear a hat if possible to shade your neck and ears even more, and don’t forget to put sunscreen on the back of your legs and on your arms if they are exposed.  You don’t want your second day in the park to be miserable because you got sunburned the first day.

Disneyland is a magical place for the whole family and these ways to make Disneyland more enjoyable are just a few of what we have discovered on our many trips to the park.

ETA from Tatanisha: Always see the shows! That’s one of my FAVORITE things to do at Disneyland. The last time we were there, we saw the funniest Aladdin show in Hollywood Studios. The guy that played the Genie had so many funny pop-culture things in his script, that those made the show! I definitely recommend going to that Aladdin show!

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