9 Cleaning and organization hacks for your laundry room

The laundry room is one place many people don’t really consider when it comes to keeping clean and organized. After all, it’s usually a place to dump dirty clothes and most people don’t spend too much time in theirs. If you think about it, though, as much as laundry is a boring task, it makes sense to keep the area specifically designed for cleaning neat and organized, plus doing so can prevent any fire hazards that may be there. I am all about saving time when it comes to cleaning and finding awesome hacks just works!

Here are cleaning and organizing hacks for your laundry room.


9 Cleaning and Organizing Hacks for your Laundry room

Keep a small trash bin mounted on your wall for garbage. You can place lint from the dryer, garbage found in pockets and any other trash that accumulates in the area. Mounting the trash bin keeps it handy and saves space on the floor so if your laundry space is small, this is perfect for it!

Keep a basket for lost socks. If you come across any that don’t have matches, you can toss them there. each time you match socks, go back to the bin and see if your match is there now. At the end of every month, empty it out and use the socks for other things such as dusting rags. This seriously helps! I have one in my laundry room and I have noticed that I have less lost socks because I have a place to put them! You can find more creative ways to keep your socks in our sock hacks post.

A basket set aside just for clothes that require special care is a good idea. Just place items in it as you come across them and when the basket is full, take them to the dry cleaners or wash them by hand.

Get a mason jar with a lid to use as a change jar. Everyone knows, lots of change ends up getting cleaned from pockets. Don’t just set it in random places. Place it in a jar in your laundry room and use the change to buy your detergent or for something else.

Hooks, hooks  and more hooks. These always come in handy for hanging clothes and even for storing cleaning items like brooms.

Make sure to pull out your washer and dryer and clean behind them on a regular basis. If lint, dirt and debris gets trapped back there, it can be a fire hazard.

Use a glass drink dispenser for liquid detergent and a cookie jar for powdered. You can fit more in it and see exactly, at a glance, how much you have left.

Milk crates are handy to have in the laundry room. They can be mounted on walls to add extra shelf room and they can hold clothing and rags as well.

Keep scissors handy. They are great for cutting up rags from old towels as well as cutting off stray thread.


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