Projects made out of wood pallets is super popular right now. Plus when you can score the wood pallets for FREE, it turns your project into a beautiful frugal idea!

Last summer we made our Outside Dining Table out of wood pallets just under $100 bucks. So in keeping with that theme, I decided to add a bar to the patio made out of wood pallets.

DIY Patio Bar Made Out Of Wood Pallets

Learn how to make a DIY Patio Bar Made Out Of Wood Pallets for just under $20 bucks - tips on outdoor pallet bar, bar made from pallets, pallet bar diy

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Here’s my simple tutorial on how to make a pallet bar.


  • 4 wood pallets (you can do just 2 for smaller patios)
  • Wood Screws
  • Counter Top- Patio Pavers or outdoor boards (I used 11.5 x 4 ft boards)
  • Paint or Stain

First, I went to my favorite spot in town to pick up free wood pallets. If you can’t find any for free, you can check out a list of suppliers here.

I picked up 4 wood pallets.

wood pallets for bar

I decided to paint them white. Then added a stain as well:

painting diy bar

I decided to not paint the insides of the wood pallets (initially I was going to get a matching spray paint to get the inside). I kind of like the “rustic” look.

Once the pallets were dry I took two and tied them together.

tied pallets together

Then I tied the combined pallets to a post on the patio for additional security. Definitely do not just set them on the patio without securing them. More then likely they will probably fall- especially since these wood pallets are light and the counter top is going to be top-heavy.

Repeat with the other two wood pallets.

tied to post diy bar

For the counter top, I initially was going to use patio pavers (like in the picture where I initially saw the idea). But.. I didn’t like they looked on my patio. Plus they are super top-heavy. I think it was little too much for the wood pallets.

diy bar in the process

So I took those back to Lowes. I stopped by Home Depot and picked up 2 long pieces of board ($5.00 each)- suitable for outdoors. I also picked up a can of chalk. I decided it would be different and cool to make the counter tops interactive and functional.

After getting home I took each board and sprayed it evenly with the can of chalkboard.

Then screwed the boards to the top of the wood pallets with regular wood screws.

chalk diy patio bar

*I still have to go back and add another coat of paint and protection, plus fill in the areas in the middle and side 🙂

But once I was done:

close up diy bar

I spent under $20 bucks for the materials to create this DIY Patio Bar!

DIY Patio Bar Out Of Wood Pallets

The Bar is now open 🙂

the bar is open DIY

And this is how it looks at night:



night pic of diy bar

And that, is how you make an awesome make a pallet bar!

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