July 2010- New Addition To The Family!

Well, how do I even start this one? Hmm…. well we have been talking for several months about getting a dog. The boys have been begging and pleading as well. Derrick wanted a Boxer or a Boston Terrier. I wasn’t too keen on either one. A while back I ran across some pictures of a Labradoodle that someone (thanks Nicole) on Facebook had posted. When I saw the picture I immediately fell in love with the little chocolate, curly/wavy-haired dog. From that moment on I was determined to get a Labradoodle. After looking at the prices I was taken back a little, but after researching the benefits of a Labradoodle (F1B) I knew this was the one.

Not to mention Labradoodles are very kid-friendly, affectionate, and loyal. They have the perfect combination of being both active and laid-back, intelligent, versatile, intuitive, and attractive. Also, they do not shed their coats like most dogs. PLUS they are great with special needs children, especially Autistic children. Last week I started searching the Michigan area for kennels or breeders that had available litters. I was able to find a lady off of  http://www.hoobly.com/ When I told the boys we were going to go and “look” at the puppies they screamed and shrieked for joy!!

I didn’t have any intention on buying a puppy last Thursday, just going to look. However, Derrick mentioned that I better have my $$ ready because if the boys went all that way and really liked what they saw then they would not want to leave without bringing home a puppy. He was right.

As soon as we got there, the puppies and the boys instantly connected. There was one little strawberry/blonde puppy with curly/wavy hair that started jumping and prancing around the boys. When I stooped down to take a closer look I immediately fell in love with him. He was just a doll!

He is a F1B Labradoodle which means his parents are a poodle and a labradoodle.

His name????


Wow, what a name eh? Many have asked how this name came to be… in order to understand the true meaning behind his name you have to know the whole story.

Our babysitter recently purchased a female lab puppy, and has brought her over to the house to play with the boys. Ziah (ASD) asked her what type of dogs were nice to kids. Ziah has told me several times that he wants to be an Animal Trainer. I believe that he will achieve that goal since he is very nutu ring and has a genuine interest in animals. So he started telling me that he wanted a Jeffer dog. I kept asking him what is a Jeffer dog. He keeps telling me its what the babysitter told him. I told him there was no such thing as a Jeffer dog. He howled and protested that there was such a thing. I looked it up on the Internet. Nope. No such thing. Finally, the next time the babysitter came over I asked her what was a Jeffer dog. She had no idea, so she retraced the conversation she had with Ziah about kid-friendly dogs. She told Ziah that Labs, Collies, German Shepard, Golden Retrievers… When she said German Shepard, Ziah immediately said yeah that’s the dog.

German Shepard— Jeffer– you figure it out!

But from the moment that we picked up the dog, the boys started talking about names. Zion said Billy, Zayd’n said some off the wall name, but when Ziah said Jeffer we knew it was the perfect name. Jeffer. So in the end Ziah was still able to get his Jeffer dog!

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