Mani Pedi Gifts In A Jar Idea

Mani Pedi Gift Jar {gift in a jar idea}

Moms can never be pampered too much, and this simple and fun Mani Pedi Gifts In A Jar Idea is perfect for gifting to any mom on your list this year.  Whether you use this idea for a holiday gift, birthday, or a special occasion, it is sure to please anyone on your list.

Gifts In A Jar:  This Mani Pedi Gifts In A Jar Idea is the perfect solution to gifting to all of the women in your life.  Budget-friendly and easy to assemble!

Mani Pedi Gifts In A Jar Idea

Our mani pedi gifts in a jar idea is the perfect little present for gift exchanges, friends, family, your child’s teacher, college students, neighbors, or anyone else who could use a little self-pampering. Fill it with thoughtful items that everyone can use, who doesn’t love and need a few moments to yourself to pretty up?  Add a pretty ribbon and our FREE printable label and you have a sweet handmade gift ready to go that will actually get used!

 Grab your Free Printable: Mani-Pedi in a Jar Printable


  • An assortment of small items like buffers, finger and toenail clippers, nail polishes, nail brush, pumice stones, etc.
  • Large Mason jar
  • Labels
  • Ribbon or decorative twine

mani pedi jar



Place as much as you can get into the jar.

mani pedi gift jar inside


Put on the lid and attach the label.

Decorate with ribbon.


Filler ideas:

buffers or nail files                  Pumice stones

clippers                                      nail decals

polish                                         cuticle oil

cotton balls                               gloves or socks for lotion

hand cream                              polish remover

Travel sized items like polish remover wipes in individual packets are great to include.

If you need other jar ideas, have you ever thought about taking baby jars and turning them into gifts in a jar or other DIY projects? Another great idea that’s homemade and perfect for any holiday is my Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Granola {Gift In a Jar Idea}.

As you can see, I love the idea of making great gifts in a jar to give to friends and family.  They are special to each person, easy to personalize, and of course, budget-friendly.  What’s not to love about that?

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