Mardi Gras Idea: Give Me Beads Tree

Make your own Mardi Gras Give Me Beads tree. Super easy DIY and frugal!

 Mardi Gras Idea: Give Me Beads Tree

It’s time to party!

It’s Mardi Gras time! Mardi Gras is also known as “Fat Tuesday”!

Do you have any plans this year for Mardi Gras?


Make your own Mardi Gras Give Me Beads tree. Super easy DIY and frugal!


So where does the beads come from?

Float riders often toss out “throws” or inexpensive trinkets to the crowd, including strings of beads. These beads used to be made of glass, but today most are plastic and the most sought-after light up with LED lights, Leathem said.

Purple, green and gold are the traditional Mardi Gras colors. The Krewe of Rex chose these colors in 1872 to honor a visiting Russian grand duke, whose house colors were purple, green and gold, according to the website Mardi Gras New Orleans.

Later, the Rex krewe assigned meanings to each color. Purple stands for justice, green for faith and gold for power.  (source: USA today)

Many people also associate the many beads women wear when they flash others, ;)

Well, if you’re planning a party and you want a new creative way to hang yours beads, check out this give me a bead tree!

give me beads mardi gras tree.jpg

  • You can score some beds from the dollar store.
  • You can find the trees at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. (or any other craft store). OR a free way to do this is find some good branches outside.
  • You can find the gel water beads at the craft store. I found mine at Michaels and used a 50% off coupon to get it jar for under $3 bucks each.
  • Any vase (preferably a tall one)
  • Mardi Gras fake money- dollar tree

give me beads tree 13.jpg

Start by putting a handful of fake Mardi Gras money in the bottom of the vase.

give me beads tree 12.jpg

Then add the green water gel beads. (or you can pick another color, or a few colors to mix it up.)  I had to go back to Michaels to get more gel beads and grabbed some multicolored ones.

Add the branches or sticks.

mardi gras party idea 1.jpg

Then carefully drape the beads around the tree. Once finished, it will look something like this:

give me beads tree 2343.jpgIt has a funky look to it. I wasn’t feeling the final product at first, but when added to the whole Mardi Gras Theme, it turned out fine!

mardi gras give me beads tree.jpg

So grab your supplies and have a FUN party!

Enjoy and Happy Mardi Gras Day!

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