It’s summer. And if you have a child on the spectrum, you already know what this means.

In our house, it means dealing with more attitude from z2. And not just the regular, typical, “tween attitude,” it’s the tween attitude plus autismx2. Z2’s behavior can be unpredictable. One day, he’s outside riding his bike and having fun. The very next day, he is yelling at me of why he is not going outside. Yup, same kid.

However, he found himself outside jumping on the trampoline. This is his way to release some stem and “self-regulate.”

Another way to get him to blow off stem is to do sensory activities. I put together a roundup of awesome sensory activities for kids with autism.

Actually, any kid will enjoy these sensory activities.

I wish these activities would be the magic pill to keep everything kosher this summer, but it’s not. We all know that. But hopefully, these ideas will help! Oh and wine. That’s for you, my friend!

Summertime Sensory Activities For Kids With Autism

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20 Summertime Sensory Activities For Kids With Autism

1. Edible Sand & Sensory Activities for Babies | Source: Happily Ever Mom
2. Water and Colored Ice Sensory Play | Source: Wife Mom Geek
3. Alphabet Car Wash Sensory Bin | Source: Parenting Chaos
4. Watermelon Fizzy Sensory Science Play | Source: Natural Beach Living
5. Mini Sandbox | Source: Ashley Pichea
6. Watercolors and Cornstarch Sensory Play | Source: Mama Smiles
7. Ocean Play Dough | Source: Kids Activities Blog
8. Pink Lemonade Playdough | Source: Fireflies and Mud Pies
9. Jello Ice Play | Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose
10. Summer Sensory Bin | Source: The Chaos and the Clutter
11. Soapy Sea Foam Sensory Play | Source: Twodaloo
12. Squishy Ocean Sensory Bag | Source: In the Playroom
13. Water Bead Tea Party | Source: Sugar Aunts
14. Ocean Slime | Source: Buggy and Buddy
15. Fizzing Hidden Ocean World | Source: Fun at Home With Kids
16. Clean Mud for Sensory Play | Source: In the Playroom
17. Rainbow Ice Sensory Bin | Source: Learn Play Imagine
18. Sand Foam | Source: Paging Fun Mums
19. Watermelon Scented Glitter Paint | Source: Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
20. Calming Epsom Salt Sensory Play | Source: Fireflies and Mud Pies

If you need more ideas, one of my popular posts for sensor activities is 10 easy and inexpensive sensory activities!

So be sure to check that out as well!

How do you plan to survive summer, Parents? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Also feel free to leave me some ideas too!

20 Summertime Sensorty Activites For Kids With Autism

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