This year my youngest son turned 8. At the same time, Smurf 2 came out in the Theater. And he is a HUGE fan of the Smurfs. So much that when he turned 6, he had a birthday with the Smurf Theme at the movies, the same time the first Smurf movie hit the the Theater (you can check out that Smurf Birthday Party Theme!)

Smurf Birthday Party Food Ideas & Smurf Theme

Have fun with a Smurf Birthday Party with these fun ideas- Smurf Birthday Party Ideas

So when he turned 8, I wasn’t going to make a big deal of the party. But then at the very last minute, I found myself getting sucked into the idea of doing another Smurf Theme.

So here’s my attempt:

First the cake. I did not make the cake, but used a dear friend who is just amazing and creative. You can check out her ideas at Pumpkin & Parsnip! 

smurf cake



I wanted to add a few Smurf related ideas to give this party a festive-smurfy theme.

I am a firm believer of serving fresh fruit and giving kids “some-what” healthy treats at our Birthday parties.

We had Pizza, but we decided to add a few treats along with fruit and yogurt.

smurfy food


We called it the “smurfy food”.  I made the sign using and Smurf images found online.

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Apple Slices
  • Pineapple Chunks

We also tossed in some Pizza and chips.

smurf food ideas

Adding a few treats helped give this table some life. Unfortunately I did not have time to print out the signs, but using blank tags I picked up from the Craft store (Hobby Lobby) and a marker= success.

I also added bright blue/white polka dot stripes that I also picked up from Hobby Lobby. The Jars I also had, but I do know that Hobby Lobby and other similar craft store sells them.


smurf food ideas

Along with the cake, we had a few other sweet but healthy treats. Fruit parfait filled with strawberries, blueberries and topped with whipped cream.

The mushrooms was going to be a dessert and a display– however I ran out of time to pull this idea off.

So it was “supposed to be” marshmallows topped with cherries with dashes of whipped cream on top of it.

However, I forget to get the cherries from the store. However, I had some Styrofoam balls. I sliced them in half and sprayed them with red craft paint. I put white paint dots on the top. So this became just a display instead of an edible display as planned.

smurf mushrooms


I popped some Smurf toys (picked up from McDonald’s, but you can also check eBay or Etsy to see if you can score some).

And here is the full idea:

smurf birthday party table decor idea


Be sure to pick up the Smurf Movie to complete your Smurf Birthday Celebration!