This summer I have great plans to keep the boys busy and learning. Even though our kids spend a year in the classroom, keeping that going during the summer is crucial.

For my boys, they go to a school that has a balanced calendar. It’s somewhat similar to a year round school, except the boys get 6 weeks off for their summer vacation. The first year we did this, they definitely put up a fuss about having a very short summer. But throughout the year they get plenty of breaks, and now they are used to it! Tip: Be sure to check out 25 things for Tweens to do this summer

It is definitely possible to keep your kids learning this summer, without sacrificing their fun! Here’s a growing list of ideas on what to keep kids learning this summer!

Keep your kids learning this summer with educational fun! Here's 32 ways to keep kids learning this summer

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32 Ways To Keep Kids Learning This Summer

1. Take them to the library! {most libraries have summer reading programs}

2. Read to your child on a daily basis. {check out some choices here}

3. Help them learn different math lessons as you cook together. {of course, there are plenty of math apps and computer games they can play online}

4. Play counting games in the pool. {find 15 wacky & wet ideas here}

5. Take nature hikes.

6. Complete science experiments together in the kitchen.

7. Do arts and crafts together a few times a week.

8. Sign up for educational learning boxes that are delivered to your front door.

9. Listen to educational songs and talk about the lyrics.

10. Create your own musical sounds in your home.

11. Learn sign language or another foreign language over the summer.

12. Grow a garden with your children and have them help out.

13. Discover your backyard and everything that’s growing back there.

14. Scrapbook about your family adventures over the years.

15. Take a road trip. { Road Trip with kids}

16. Join a local theater.

Keep your kids learning this summer with educational fun! Here's 32 ways to keep kids learning this summer

17. Get involved in a local charity.

18. Do a scavenger hunt to discover your town a little bit better.

19. Visit a new local business each week.

20. Take a field trip to the local fire station.

21. Sign up for a learning magazine subscription.

22. Teach your child about upcycling and complete a project together.

23. Have a garage sale to teach about buying and selling.

24. Help your child start their own business, like a lemonade stand.

25. Have you children help plan the next family vacation.

26. Study a new country each week (France, Italy or Mexico are great starters).

27. Visit a local county park and get involved in the activities there over the summer.

28. Visit local museums to help keep the brain movement flowing.

29. Review things your child has learned from the past school year by going through old workbooks

or papers.

30. Utilize art to help your child to keep learning over the summer.

31. Visit your local playground to help your kids stay physically active!

32. Read the “good stuff” out of the newspaper each day. Talk about the classifieds and sports


Learning doesn’t have to be boring, as you can see from the list of activities above. Use these activities to keep your child’s brain moving throughout the summer, so when they go back to school they are not behind!

Keep your kids learning this summer with educational fun! Here's 32 ways to keep kids learning this summer