Our chocolate labradoodle loves to get in front of the camera. And today we’re showing off some of our favorite doodle’s spring photos! 

Our chocolate labradoodle loves to get in front of the camera. And today we're showing off some of our favorite doodle's spring photos!

Chocolate Labradoodle | Chance Is Ready For A Spring Mini-Photo Shoot

If you are anything like our Chance, you are up to your chin with cabin fever. Especially with the Midwest acting up something fierce with all this extremely cold weather. It’s too much coldness! Lately, it’ll make a penguin scream TIME OUT! Our Chance is ready to stretch his four legs in the backyard, the dog park, or walking along our favorite hiking trails. Have you noticed the days are getting just a wee bit longer? That’s a good sign because it means Spring is just around the corner and warmer weather isn’t too far away. The Best Family Dogs

If you haven’t officially met our Chance, here he is in all of his fluffy and extra cuddly glory. And if you can’t tell by looking at our little guy he’s pretty much the friendliest dog on planet earth. He’s also our second labradoodle; this is such a great breed we knew we wanted another. Our first doodle was a gold-colored labradoodle named Jeffers. But, due to a family situation, we gave him up for adoption several years ago. But boy did we miss our labradoodle and like I said, we knew we wanted to get another one at some point. Almost two years ago Mrs. Worthey called me up out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to get a chocolate labradoodle. FYI. Chocolate Labradoodles are hard to find, but she had found a breeder and contacted them, they sent photos of the puppies they had available, and in turn, she sent me the photos. My wife has wanted a chocolate labradoodle for so long, and she didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

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She sent me a text message with several photos attached and out of all of the puppies she showed me I selected the puppy we would eventually name Chance. I chose him because he looked alert, attentive, and he was staring directly into the camera. There was a certain twinkle in his deep brown eyes that said, “Take me home!” Long story short. My wife brought him home, and he has been a big part of our home for almost two years now, and we couldn’t be happier. We lost our Goku back in December 2017, and the sting of losing our little Boston Terrier has been lessened by the presence of Mr. Chance Worthey. He’s such a sweet boy, and he’s all about keeping things exciting around our home. We have three boys or our own and with the arrival of Chance that makes four!

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Last week Chance was scheduled for grooming at our Veterinarian’s office, and as always they did an excellent job pampering our pooch. Check out Chance as he hams it up in front of the lens, and doesn’t he make for a pretty good dog model? He’s a natural!

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Aren’t dogs wonderful? Having a dog is similar to having another kid in the home. Especially if you raise them from a puppy, they are so helpless and sweet. Plus, in no time flat, they will grab ahold of your heart, and they won’t let go EVER! No doubt they’re a lot of work. But it’s a labor of love and lots and lots of patience. But in the end, our Chance was exactly what we needed. Of course, he won us all over with his soft teddy bear like cuteness, but it’s his playfulness and sweet temperament that makes for such a wonderful pooch. And this guy is also 90% high energy. Believe me when I say this dog has absolutely zero chills!

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And I swear, no matter what shenanigans Chance gets himself into, like stealing cheese off of the dining table, ripping his doggie bed to smithereens, or chewing up our youngest boy’s shoe it is literally impossible to stay upset at him when he looks at you forlornly with his insanely intense big brown eyes! There’s no way we can stay mad at him for long when he gives us, “That Look!”

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Thank you for checking out Chance’s almost Spring photo shoot. He had a good time but only because he got to munch on some of his favorite treats. Stay tuned because Chance is going to get a brand new doggie bed and hopefully this time around he will resist the urge to rip it to shreds.  

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