Elf On The Shelf Ideas Boys Will LOVE {Ideas for Boys}

Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Boys

Yup, another post about that little Elf on the Shelf…

Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Boys: Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Boys:

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Boys Will LOVE {Ideas for Boys}

It’s Elf on the Shelf time! And if you have all boys, I highly recommend coming up with some cool ideas that only boys can appreciate! I put together a round of Elf on the Shelf ideas geared totally to the boys. With three boys around here, I am working on stepping up my creative game in order to WOW their socks off with some fun Elf on the shelf ideas.

But let’s be honest, more than likely I will probably only do about three of theses, while making excuses of why the elf didn’t move for the rest of the month! This is such a love and hate relationship, but the looks on the boys’ faces are priceless!


Elf on the Shelf Ideas That Boys Will Love
1. Chocolate Wasted | A Mitten Full of Savings
2. Elf Roasting Marshmallows | DIY Inspired
3. Elf Marshmallow Bath | The Inspired Home
4. Elf Fixes Barbieís Car | Frugal Coupon Living
5. Elf Plays X-Box | The Frugal Navy Wife
6. Elf on the Potty | DIY Inspired
7. Elf Traps Kids Prank | Living Locurto
8. Elf Lifts Weights | Picklehead Soup
9. Elf in a Rocket Ship | Sweet Paper Trail
10. Elf Trapped in a Glass | The Jenny Evolution
11. Elf is Captured by Legos | Frugal Coupon Living
12. Elf Rappelling Off the Stairs | DIY Inspired
13. Elf Gets Caught in Spidermanís Web | Raining Hot Coupons
14. Elf Plays Tic Tac Snow | Seven Thirty Three
15. Elf in a Christmas Card Tent | DIY Inspired
16. Elf Plays Minecraft on the Elfbox | Living Locurto
17. Elf Puts Googly Eyes on Family Photos | Dirty Diaper Laundry
18. Elf is Captured by Toy Soldiers | Our Knight Life
19. Elf Goes Fishing | Rocking My 365 Project
20. Elf Shaves | Frugal Coupon Living
21. Elf Photo Booth | Living Locurto
22. Super Elf | Busy Kids Happy Mom
23. Elf Builds a Sled Out of Candy Canes and Graham Crackers | Three Pixie Lane
24. Elf Loves Zip Lines | Rocking My 365 Project
25. Elf Walks the Dogs | Picklehead Soup


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If you don’t have an Elf, you can still get it on the fun. ORDER your Elf on the Shelf today and get it in time to have fun with this family Christmas tradition!

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