Each December it is pretty much a given that I am going to occasionally forget to move Elfie. At times I remember and narrowly avoid a major catastrophe by quickly moving him at the last minute.

And then, there are those times (like on the weekends) when the boys are up before me, and they discover (to their disappointment) that our perpetually smiling and red-capped Elfie is still in the same exact spot as yesterday.  Tragic but true.

And THIS YEAR we have TWO ELVES! and now we have THREE!!

Yes. I am a certified masochist. Why did I just punish myself by adding another elf?

Anyway. Life happens. And with the annual craziness which typically marks the Holiday season, I am going to forget to move our Elf On A Shelf a time or two (or more). So, I am here to help you out of a pickle for those times when you slip up and are in need of a good ‘mommy excuse’ as to why Elfie hasn’t moved nary an inch.  Try some of these “mom approved” ideas listed below.

Did you forget to move the Elf? You're scrambling for something witty to say to the kids that are starting to question you WHY the Elf is still in the same place. Read 15 Ideas On What To Say When You Forgot To Move The Elf for quick ideas! We have your Elf On The Shelf Dilemma covered. Be sure to pin it to your Elf on the Shelf Board!

15 Ideas on What to Say To The Kids When You Didn’t Move The Elf

*In our house we use current events and sarcasm pretty heavily. So some of these “excuses” may or may not fly in your home.

  1. Elfie was too sick to travel back to the North Pole last night. Should I check his temperature?
  2. Didn’t you know there was a blizzard last night. NO ONE could get out. Not even Elfie.
  3. Yeah, the Government issued a No-Fly Zone everywhere. (#thanksobama)
  4. Honey, you totally wore Elfie out!
  5. Elfie is just lazy, like you 😉 (well, I don’t know how positive this one is… but like I said sarcasm is BIG in our house!)
  6. The dog refused to let Elfie out of the house. Don’t you see the dog slobber on his little green booties? (This one is “the dog ate my homework” version)
  7. Elfie is giving you another chance to make the “Nice List,” because he didn’t want to tell Santa how naughty you were last night, so he’s giving you a do-over.
  8. Elfie stayed up late with me watching Scandal. Hey, what can I say? Everyone loves Scandal, right?
  9. Elfie DID move! He just liked this spot so much that he came right back down to the same exact spot.
  10. You know how much you snore, right? So here’s the thing. Elfie and Buddy wanted to really see if you snored too. So they stayed up all night to watch you snore. I know its creepy but what can I say? Anyway they’re sleeping in late.
  11. Elfie forgot to set the alarm clock and overslept  Hey, being an elf is hard work.
  12. Elfie’s immigration papers never went through. So, technically he is an illegal alien. So, he stayed in the exact same spot so ICE couldn’t see him.
  13. Elfie went to a party with Olaf, (we have a Hide and Hug Olaf doll that’ has joined in on the fun) and they partied HARD last night. So hard they both forgot about their responsibilities.
  14. Elfie/Buddy didn’t have enough information about you to report to Santa. You know Elfie and Buddy take their jobs very seriously. So the rule is, if they don’t have information to give to Santa they wait a few more days. Santa’s orders.
  15. Donner and Blitzen double dared Elfie not to move, and so far Elfie is WINNING!

Be sure to check back often. I will be updating this post throughout the Christmas season, since I’m sure I will need to come up with a few new excuses!

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What are some of the things you say to your kids when you didn’t move the Elf? Leave me a comment below! I would love to hear some new excuses!


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