Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Seriously, WHERE did this year go?! I can’t believe I’m sitting here talking about a Thanksgiving tablescapes idea when it was just spring, and we were enjoying our annual trip to Southern California.

It’s no secret the holiday season is my favorite time of the year (besides summer and not seeing snow for a few months). However, the holidays are bittersweet now. With both of my parents gone (Dad died earlier this year, and my Mom passed in 2014), it’s been challenging. Thanksgiving was my Mom’s favorite holiday. My Mom didn’t cook the full Thanksgiving spread, like greens, green beans, mashed potatoes, Mac-n-Cheese, roasted turkey, etc. Here’s how she would do it; she would usually do a few of those dishes, then get my older sister to make “The Turkey” and ask some of her good friends to also prepare side dishes. My Mom knew her kitchen skills were not up to par, so she took full advantage of her friends she knew could throw down in the kitchen.

Remembering family in this Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea

My Grandma could throw down in the kitchen too. However, growing up, my Mom wasn’t concerned about learning how to cook. She focused more on her education and involving herself in her community. I think this is where I get my-I-don’t-cook-skills. Hey, I can do a little something, but don’t ask me to stay in the kitchen for hours and hours preparing a Thanksgiving feast.

It ain’t happening. If it was up to me, we would probably all starve!

Thankfully, my husband is excellent in this area! He loves to whip up creative dishes, try new recipes, and pull out the whole kitchen sink for a meal if need be. You can find many of his recipes on the blog, including our new Cornbread & Italian Sausage Dressing with Winter Veggies

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Me? I’ll give you something in 30 minutes. And 9 out of 10 times it’ll be some sort of pasta.

But ask me to decorate the table, and I got you. I got you! I love making a table setting look beautiful and special.


Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

I guess you can say this is my thing. We love to entertain, and I LOVE home decor stuff. But, not just like. I LOVE IT!

Like, I’m an HGTV junkie! My favorite show is Fixer Upper. And yes, I’ve even been to Joanna Gaines’ store in Waco, Texas.

Several years ago I got into doing tablescapes ideas.  It started out with just a few decorations on the table for each holiday meal. Then it turned into something bigger. I have a few of my past tablescapes on the blog; you can find them here, here and here.

This year, I’m into gold. It’s a hot color right now, and it works for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can take many of the same gold decorations and use them in a Christmas theme too {be on the lookout for another great tablescape idea next month!}

Here’s how I put together this Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape!

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

First, we start with a white tablecloth. This is just a basic cloth, nothing fancy or pricey. I learned a long time ago not to use expensive tablecloths when you have little people and guests whom are likely to make a mess. Spend less, no stress!

Next, lay the runner down the middle of the table. I picked up this fall themed table runner from Home Goods (one of my favorite stores!).  Usually what would come next is a centerpiece. For this idea, I decided not to do a centerpiece.


Because we’re saving the center for the food.

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Now, let’s set the table. Here’s the order:

  1. Lay a white charger at each place setting.
  2. Add a fall themed cloth napkin. Do not do paper napkins. Let’s get fancy, it’s the holidays!
  3. Add a simple white dinner plate.
  4. Add white salad plate. I picked up these plates from IKEA. I love the raised motif design!
  5. Next, use a graphic and colorful vintage mini-plate on top of the salad plate. This mini-plate has a purpose, it adds a pop of color and breaks up all of the white. And, it draws the eyes to the place setting.
  6. Set a pumpkin bowl (also called a ceramic pumpkin baker set) on top.
  7. Arrange two sets of glassware to the left of the place setting. One is for water; the other is for wine, mocktails, or your choice of drink.
  8. Place the flatware. I picked up gold flatware at Target for $2 each. I also have my eye on getting a vintage set of gold flatware in the near future. But for now, aren’t these perfectly fine!

Now, here’s where I did something a little different. Hobby Lobby had all of their fall decor items on clearance for 80% off. To know me is to know how much I love a deal.

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

I placed a colorful swath of fall leaves and decorations to the right of each place setting. I added additional orange and gold-colored leaves to make each arrangement look fuller. This spilled out to the center of the table, making it look like I have a centerpiece.

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Can we go back and talk about the little vintage plates? I was recently perusing inside an antique shop here in town. I was putting an idea together to do a vintage Christmas tablescape, but then I came across these little plates and had to have them! They were the perfect addition to this tablescape idea.

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

Towards the end of the table, I added a few ceramic gold & cream harvest pumpkins. Yup, from Hobby Lobby at 80% off as well! I added a few more fall decor accessories to finish out this late fall and very festive look!

Here’s a full view of it:

Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

I remember back over the last several Thanksgiving dinners. My Mom would always compliment me and ask about how I decorated the table. Those were good times and I miss her. SIGH! I’d say she would be proud of this year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea. Too bad she is not here to enjoy it.

How do you decorate your table for Thanksgiving? Hopefully, my idea has inspired you to go out and create something beautiful!

So, even if the food is bad, you will have a table that is always on point! LOL Thankfully we don’t usually have bad food with Derrick at the helm, but just in case. When people leave our house, I want them to feel special, fussed over, welcomed and treated like 5-star guests.

Drop me a line below and let me know how you decorate your table/house for Thanksgiving! And be sure to come back, I’ll be sharing some new Christmas tablescape ideas soon!

Shop the look:

And be sure to get our recipe for a Hard Cherry Cider Cocktail (including a mocktail version)! It will add a little pop to your party! Cheers!

Hard Cherry Cider Cocktail


Here's a great way to decorate your table for Thanskgiving. This table decor idea will definitely inspire and gives you ideas on how to decorate for Thanksgiving! Gold & Orange Thanksgiving Tablescape

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  1. November 24, 2016

    What a fantastic and sport-on post! Each of us has something special that we bring to the table during the holidays. You truly make the memories more beautiful with your placesettings.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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