Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape

Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape
Pull out the Halloween decor and create a beautiful and creative Halloween Tablescape. We put together a Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape worth checking out down below! 
 Pull out the Halloween decor and create a beautiful and creative Halloween Tablescape. We put together a Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape worth checking out!
As we usher in Fall, it’s time to start thinking about some of the holidays associated with fall. First up, Halloween. 
I’m not a HUGE Halloween fan. I don’t get excited about dressing up in costumes, candy, and all the crazy and weird things that come with celebrating Halloween. 
But, I am a fan of all things decor, including challenging myself to put together a fun Halloween tablescape. 
Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape
And that’s just what happened one chilly Saturday afternoon.  On one of my many trips to Home Goods, I noticed grey and white skeleton salad plates. I walked past them, then circled back around. 
I hemmed and hawed about WHAT I could do with them, and HOW could I put together an elegant tablescape around these plates.  As I walked around the store, an idea started to form. I found more skeleton related decor; then I begun to get excited!
Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape
I thought I had a chance to pull off a beautiful Halloween tablescape. I didn’t want to do a scary or gross table decor idea. I wanted something that was elegant and classy.
Classy Halloween Tablescape Idea
To go along with the skeleton theme, I picked up related accessories from Home Goods. Thankfully, I had enough grey and white accessories at home to finish this look. One thing I always recommend before shopping for decor items is to shop at home. Because I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years, I’m usually surprised at what I find in my stash. (lol)
Grey and White Halloween Decor
Here is how I decorated the table. 
  1. Roll out a white linen (or cloth) tablecloth across the table. 
  2. Add Silver & White Skeleton table runner in the center of the table. I picked up this particular table runner from Home Goods, as well as the plates and decorative pieces. You can find these items at your Home Goods right now. 
  3. Lay two grey feather boas in the center of the table on top of the table runner. 
  4. Add the Large Grey & White Skull right in the middle of the table runner. I added the smaller white skulls on the other side of the larger skull. 
  5. Set the table: Place a square silver charger at each place setting. Add a white dinner plate, followed by the grey & white skull lace salad plate. 
  6. Add silverware and glasses to each place setting (forks on the left, spoons and knives on the right). 
  7. To the right of each place setting, I added a Mini Grey Skeleton Concrete Tombstone Decorative picked up from Target. 
  8. I also placed taper candles by each place setting. This way, you can turn off the lights and use the candles around the table (feel free to add more) to give you a spooky, but enjoyable feeling! 
  9. If you have room on your table, get creative and add additional Halloween decoratives to give this tablescape a graveyard feel. I added a Large Concrete Tombstone, silver/glass pumpkins and spread cheesecloth around the back and edges of the table. 

I love how it all came together, giving me the classy, elegant Halloween decor look I visioned at the store. 

Classy Halloween Home Decor

 Classy Halloween Tablescape Idea
This look is easy to replicate or come up with your own creative Halloween decor idea. I have a challenge for you. Instead of going all out with a ton of crazy, horror decor ideas. How can you create an elegant and classy Halloween theme this year? Think outside the box and come up with something creative! Feel free to drop your thoughts below! 
 Halloween Decor Idea: Grey & White Skeleton Graveyard Tablescape

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  1. September 21, 2017

    You totally nailed it and Home Goods must truly love and know you by sight. I have to go in there some time this week and I’m already dreading how much money I’ll be spending. I’m loving this tablescape though.

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