Red & White Merry Christmas Tablescape

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

Red & White Merry Christmas Tablescape

Need to switch up your Christmas decor this year? Check out our Merry Christmas Red & White Tablescape and decor we did this year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, Christmas time is my favorite season. When I was younger, I wished we had Christmas all the time. Even as an adult I wish Christmas came more often, but I don’t need it every day. Prepping for the holidays can be a lot of work, but it’s always worth it! 

Growing up, we would celebrate Christmas at my Grandma’s house in Columbus, Ohio. I couldn’t wait to hit the road and arrive at 374 Claredon St. in Columbus. 

Christmas at Grandma's House

My Grandma would pull out all the stops when it came to Christmas. The same candy bowl with all of the Christmas candy. Christmas Ham, greens, sweet potatoes, apple pie, peach cobbler, mashed potatoes, turkey and more! {that’s my Grandma in the top left corner, followed by my Grandma’s tree filled with tinsel, then me, my parents, and my sisters and cousin.}

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

Once I got married, Derrick and I started to create our own Christmas traditions. One of those traditions was decorating the whole house for the holiday. A few years ago I decorated the whole house in a Winter Wonderland theme. There were glitter and snowflakes all over the downstairs of our house. Let me tell you; Derrick wasn’t happy! {lol}

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

Each year I’ve tried to up my decoration game. This year, I wanted something simple, but elegant.  We’ve been working on remodeling each room in our home and upgrade our furniture. We had a massive black dining table. I LOVED it. I recently sold it for a simple, clean white table. I’m still figuring out the furniture I want in the dining room, but so far this is working. I’ve also had my eye on some dining room chairs from Wayfair. If you don’t know, I am a HUGE fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper Joanna & Chip Gaines. I love her style, and I have tried my hand of mixing it with my own. 

Red & White Christmas Tablescape


Here’s what I came up with for my Red & White Christmas tablescape idea. I started with a blank canvas (a.k.a white table). For each place setting, I started with a red charger, followed by a Merry Christmas kitchen cloth, a Basketweave Dinner Plate and bowl, and a Winter Wonderland Holiday Plate. I finished each place setting by adding silverware and a crystal glass. 

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

I decided to go with a kitchen cloth vs. a regular dinner napkin because of the size. I happened to be at Walmart a few weeks ago and noticed these Merry Christmas kitchen cloths. I had an idea in my head about napkins draping off the side of the table. So when I saw these, I knew they would be perfect! 

Red & White Christmas Tablescape

Don’t you just love how these napkins drape off the side of the table? 

Christmas Table Decor Idea

For the center of the table, you can go two ways. You can either leave it open for the food or decorate it. I typically tend to decorate the center. To me, it just brings the whole design together. For this Christmas tablescape, I went with a red cable sweater runner. Last week I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some fresh garland. I laid it across the table, crisscrossing it. I stuck fresh baby breaths throughout the garland. On my recent trip to IKEA, I made a pit-stop through the seasonal section. It was so hard to narrow down my choices, but I picked up the number candles and red & white curtains. The candles and the curtains have similar patterns and fit nicely in this design. 

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

I placed the candles throughout the center of the table, red Christmas pattern mason jars, as well as two white trees. At the end of the table, I set up a Christmas lantern. I also used this as a way to hide the ends of the garland by tucking them inside the lantern. Inside of the black lantern, I set up a small white lantern with a snowflake. However, something wasn’t right with this design. It needed a little pop. 

I went back and added white led lights and red plastic berries. Those bright red berries made this centerpiece give the pop it needed. And I love how it turned out! I also love how our dining room chairs match this theme, giving it a rustic, but elegant look. Take a look below!

Need to switch up your Christmas decor this year? Check out our Merry Christmas Red & White Tablescape and decor we did this year.

I dressed our sideboard up a little bit with Christmas hats on the wine and a chalkboard with the dinner menu. 

Need to switch up your Christmas decor this year? Check out our Merry Christmas Red & White Tablescape and decor we did this year.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Our Red & White Merry Christmas tablescape! Here’s a rundown of what we used:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! 

Christmas Tree Decor idea


Need to switch up your Christmas decor this year? Check out our Merry Christmas Red & White Tablescape and decor we did this year.

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