27 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples

27 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Couples

It’s important that in every relationship to keep it real and fresh.  Every relationship is different, but one thing is certain – they all need to be nurtured from time to time. Time spent together is important to keep a healthy marriage or relationship. Creating a summer bucket list for couples is all about encouraging that time together – not so much to meet giant goals, but to meet each other again to reconnect. Here’s a list of ideas that you can think about doing with your significant other!

27 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Couples

27 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples

  1. Go on one date night per month at least. Ideally, it would be great to have a date night each week, but since this isn’t always possible make it a goal to spend one evening a month together without kids for a special date night. I know this is one area that me and D have vowed to do better. So, we’re going for at least once – twice per month.
  2. Go for a walk on the beach (no beach? Try the park). Taking a walk on the beach is a great way to spend time with just each other. Leave the phones in the car and head out to the water to spend time with each other!
  3. Go stargazing together. Grab the blankets, spray yourself with bug spray and snuggle in the backyard looking up at the stars and talking about what you would wish if you could really wish upon a star.
  4. Kiss. We all kiss our spouses on a regular basis, but how long has it been since you had a high school make-out session? Pretend you are back in the day when kissing was all you could do with your spouse. Enjoy at least 30 minutes of just kissing before you move on to the other “fun” stuff.
  5. Go Dancing or take a dance class.  I don’t have a lot of moves on the dance floor, but I’ve always wanted to take a ballroom dance class.summer bucket ideas for couples
  6. Go to a theme park together – without kids. Theme parks are tons of fun with and without the kids along, but this summer spend a few hours or a day at a favorite theme park just with your spouse to ride all the rides and eat all the ice cream without kids asking to go with you.
  7. Have a water gun fight. On a hot day greet your spouse with water guns and head outside to soak each other and have fun seeing who is the better shot.
  8. Get Massages together. This is something D and I definitely want to do and soon!
  9. Get intimate at least one a week, ya know… the three letter word.  For some this may not seem like much, for others it may seem like a lot. Whatever you do, make the time for physical intimacy at least once a week. With kids, we can definitely get caught up in taking care of them and our business and forget about ourselves. Spending intimate time with each other is a great way to connect and care and love your partner.
  10. Hold hands in the car – every time you go somewhere. Those little gestures you would enjoy early in your relationship should come back again. Holding hands is a great way to show each other you care and connect on a physical level.
  11. Remember when you were dating and you stayed up all night on the phone talking? Do that! Curl up in bed together and just talk! 
  12. Splurge on an expensive meal. Dress up and find the fanciest restaurant in your area. Or drive to a bigger city and walk in like a boss.
  13. Travel. One of my favorite things to do is take a trip. We’ve been traveling a lot lately, but mostly family trips. We jotted this down on our list to take a trip by ourselves.
  14. Have Date Nights in the backyard. We recently checked this item off our summer bucket list. We created a fun date night in the backyard with sweet treats and coke. You can check it out here.
  15. Find a Drive-In Theater or find a theater that still plays old movies.
  16. Do volunteer work together. Head to your local animal shelter or soup kitchen. Or find another worthy cause that you are passionate about!
  17. If the fair is in town, take a ride on the Ferris Wheel and make out when you get to the top. Yes, this can definitely light a cold fire!
  18. Camp out in the backyard.  This is one I can only do if we find a way to get rid of the mosquitoes that have invaded our backyard.    Great Summer Bucket List For Couples For more summer fun ideas, be sure to check out our 101 Summer Bucket List ideas!
  19. Go hiking or zip-lining. I have actually fallen in love with zip-lining and I’m ready to do it again!
  20. We love food, so we are excited to try this one: Do a food tour of the best foods in your city. We have Restaurant Weeks and attend the Taste of the city. This is a great way to try out a lot of food places on the cheap.
  21. Put a ton of ideas in a jar and create your own date night jar. You can check out the one I have and learn how to create your own date night jar.
  22. Double date. Do you have friends that have similar taste as you and your partner? Head out together for a night on the town.
  23. Have a dinner party. Invite some of your favorite couples over and have a couples’ night in.
  24. Go for a long drive. Go for a drive around your city. Look at some of the big buildings, your dream home on the west side of town or just explore your city. While you’re driving, pop in some of your favorite couple songs and sing along.
  25. Have a budget planning night. Okay, I know this one sounds a little blah, but it’s important. Regularly talking about your finances (if you share them/live together) is definitely important and just be done often.
  26. Take an art class together or do a Painting with a Twist class.
  27. If you have a fire pit, sit around the fire drinking a glass of wine or your favorite craft beer (or non-alcoholic drink).

This summer bucket list for couples may seem random in some respects, but each of these things is designed to build a healthier relationship. Every marriage needs fun, spontaneity, good communication, intimacy and quality time.

Regardless of what you decide to do for your summer date night, be sure you’re setting aside time to spend with each other. Put the phones down and have fun. Connect.

So what are you going to do first?


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Summer Bucket List for Couples

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  1. These are great ideas! My husband and I try to go on a date night every week, on Wednesday. We call it Wednesday Funday (our only night off together) and we have done things like gone to a paint party and been wine tasting. We try to make it unique and fun! It is a day of the week that I definitely look forward to.

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