Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable

102 Summertime Bucket List Ideas

Are you ready for an epic summer? Creating a summertime bucket list can help you make the most out of summer and make sure you don’t miss a thing! Creating a summertime bucket list doesn’t have to be a task in itself, in fact, we have done the hard work for you. Take a look below at 102 summer bucket list ideas that you can try this summer so you are sure to have the summer of a lifetime. If you have tweens, be sure to check out the ultimate summer bucket list for tweens. And, for the couples, I have 27 fabulous summer bucket ideas for couples for you to enjoy together! {You’re welcome 😉 }

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable

Here are 102 ideas to get you started:

1. Grab a field guide and see how many different kinds of birds you can spot.
2. Make a butterfly feeders with sponges dipped in sugar-water and set in a shallow dish.
3. Paint rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint and hide them in the yard. Enjoy some late night rock hunting.
4. Decorate mason jars and use them to catch fireflies.
5. Have a bubble contest and see who can blow the largest bubble.
6. Have a neighborhood parade with decorated bikes and wagons.
7. Visit a nearby beach and write your name in the sand.
8. Collect a jar full of colorful sea glass.
9. Take bubbles, basketballs, sidewalk chalk, and other summer fun items to a local homeless shelter for any children staying there.
10. Plan a tasty picnic with all your of favorites and the biggest blanket you can find.
11. Try building a backyard fort using whatever materials you have on hand.
12. Give each kid $5 and go thrifting. See who can score the coolest or most valuable find.
13. Fill up the kiddie pool with water and add some food coloring to make it fun.
14. Or, fill up the kiddie pool and toss some glow sticks in it. This is especially fun at dusk as the water will get glowing.
15. Set up a hot dog bar to enjoy one night for dinner.

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable
16. Enjoy a bonfire complete with a smores bar with all the fixings.
17. Camp out in your backyard or a nearby campground. {this is on our bucket list for the summer!}
18. Visit a local theme park and try the fastest/highest roller coaster. {We just recently came back from Michigan’s Adventure. Read 29 awesome reasons why this should be on your list!}
19. Sing your favorite summer song at the top of your lungs so all of the neighbors can hear.
20. Make a lemonade bar complete with cut fruit and other fresh ad ins.
21. Have fun with sidewalk chalk. Create large murals and trace your bodies.
22. Get an inexpensive camera and make your own mini-movies and mini commercials.
23. Have a water balloon fight with shaving cream filled balloons.
24. Release a paper lantern into the sky with any wishes you might have.
25. Learn how to skip rocks on water and have a rock skipping contest.
26. Keep a journal of the different bugs and butterflies you spot.
27. Keep a mason jar or small trinkets that remind you of summer, like movie ticket stubs, sand, shells, etc.
28. Make a list of movies you have always wanted to see, then watch them. {Take the kids to see FREE movies this summer!}
29. Hang twinkle lights in the backyard, turn on the music, and enjoy a backyard dance. {Get ideas on outdoor entertainment from our last party!}
30. Make your own BBQ sauce recipe and have a rib cook-off with family or friends.
31. Binge watch a series you have always wanted to check out.
32. Visit a paint-your-own pottery studio.
33. Get in on a pickup game of basketball.
34. Go roller skating with friends.
35. Try your skills at kite flying. You can even make a kite and take it with you.
36. Try making a pizza on the grill. {this is on our bucket list for the summer!}
37. Choose a local or state park and plan a hike for it.
38. Enjoy sparklers with family and friends.

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable
39. Find a good recipe for a homemade body scrub and give it a try. {psst, you can try out my homemade peppermint scrub!}
40. Try a new craft you saw on Pinterest but never found the time to do.
41. Have an epic garage sale to raise funds for all of your adventures. {Get tips on finding hidden treasures at garage sales}
42. Watch an old movie, such as an old black and white flick or classic.
43. Does your town have a drive in? If so, go check it out!
44. Try building a teepee with dowel rods and fabric.
45. Play your own version of “Chopped” in your kitchen with family and friends.
46. Go out on a starry night and look for constellations.
47. Attend an outdoor concert or play. {If you are in the Mid-Michigan, you can find a list of FREE concerts to check out!}
48. Visit a local splash pad or water park. {this is on our bucket list for the summer!}
49. Attend free house or garden tours being offered in your neighborhood.
50. Check out that neighborhood restaurant or eatery you have wanted to try.
51. Visit local festivals that celebrate what the town is known for such as cherries or blueberries.
52. Go fruit picking. Pick whatever is in season. {get tips on Farmer’s Market and what to look for here}
53. Get cooking! Use that produce (you picked in #52) to try a new recipe.
54. Make a family garden full of the produce items you love and will enjoy.
55. Visit a nearby museum on free or discount days. {If you are a Bank of America Card Holder, they offer a lot of freebies for their members!!}
56. Attend a make-and-take class at Michael’s Craft Stores.
57. Sign up for the summer reading program at your local library.

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable
58. Sign up for the free summer reading program at Barnes and Noble and earn a free book.
59. Visit a local nature preserve or nature education center.
60. Pick some wildflowers and take them to a friend.
61. Take a train ride to a nearby town. { from Lansing to Chicago, we can take the $25 per person}
62. Try a classic summer sport such as bocce ball or croquet.
63. Attend a local tennis match.
64. Visit the local ballpark for some baseball or softball fun.
65. Start your own mini baseball or softball league with friends.
66. Try drying your own herbs for crafting and recipes.
67. Tie Dye a t-shirt using a store-bought/craft store kit.
68. Find a pair of dollar store sunglasses and decorate them with a hot glue gun and embellishments.
69. You can do the same with a pair of dollar store flip-flops!
70. Make your own trail mix using candies and nuts of your choice. Take it on a nature walk.
71. Try mimicking owl calls and see if you can call any owls at night and get a response. YouTube can give you some great examples.
72. Draft an email noting your adventures to send to family and friends.
73. Create a sundae bar and dig in! {this is on our bucket list for the summer!}
74. Enjoy a lazy day at the beach complete with plenty of sunscreen.

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable
75. Try making homemade ice pops.
76. Have a water fight using buckets, sponges, and of course, water balloons.
77. Let kids plant their own mini container garden.
78. Journal about your adventures each day so you can always remember them.
79. Go on a mini road trip. Don’t make any plans just pick a direction.
80. Visit a local farm stand for fruit and other produce items.
81. Visit the county fair for games, rides, and more.
82. Bake a pie from scratch.
83. Make some cool and nutritious fruit filled smoothies.
84. Or, use that produce to make a bowl of fruit salad.
85. Have a wet and messy time inviting the family to help wash the car.
86. Find a colorful and summer themed bandana for your dog.
87. Make your own headbands using dollar store headbands, a hot glue gun, and embellishments of choice.
88. Visit the miniature golf course for some hole in one fun.
89. Or, visit a driving range and see how far you can hit the golf ball!
90. Set up the Slip and Slide for some backyard fun.
91. Build the most epic sandcastle ever.
92. Host a backyard Hawaiian-themed bash complete with leis and grass skirts.
93. Don’t forget to visit the fireworks stand to buy a colorful display.
94. Visit a local vineyard for wine tasting.
95. Rent an RV for a weekend getaway or just some cozy camping.
96. Stop the ice cream truck for your favorite ice cream treat.
97. Visit a local greenhouse or conservatory to check out all the plants.
98. Head to the zoo and check out the new exhibits and your old favorites.
99. Be sure to check out any Memorial Day or Fourth of July parades!
100. Take swimming lessons.
101. Take a family bike ride.
102. Are you located in Michigan? If so, I have another 100 +++ Summer activities you should add to your bucket list. You can find this list (filled with ideas for couples, single peeps, and families!!)

Summer's here. If you need some ideas on what to do this summer, check out our 102 Summer Bucket List ideas to try! Plus FREE Summer Printable

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Are you ready to start enjoying your summer? Give these 102 summer vacation bucket list items your consideration and see how epic of a summer it can be! You can also print this list and stick it on the refrigerator. Then, after you complete each task, just check it off! Hopefully, you will come back and tell me about your awesome summer and all of the things you need on your summer bucket list!

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