The Return of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

All about the return of Bo Peep

I’m so excited to share information about the return of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4. Learn about why Bo is essential to the making of Toy Story 4 and all about the new Bo Peep! 

The Return of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

The Return of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

She’s baacccck! Yes, I’m so excited about the return of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4. The last time we saw Bo Peep was in Toy Story 2, and for some reason, I didn’t think about WHERE she was in Toy Story 3. But I’m going to let y’all in on a little secret. In Toy Story 4, we will find out precisely what happened to Bo Peep and her sheep. 

But even more importantly, Bo Peep has transformed from a motherly, sweet character, to a bad mama jama. Yes, Stevie Wonder may not have been referring to Bo Peep when he wrote this song, but she fits the bill. 

THEN AND NOW – Filmmakers behind “Toy Story 4” were committed to keeping the new film in the same universe as the original “Toy Story.” But 24 years have passed since “Toy Story” debuted and the technology—as well as the experience and knowledge of the people behind it—has advanced lightyears, so to speak. These images showcase those advances in terms of character shapes and textures, rigging, rendering, and lighting. Directed by Josh Cooley, “Toy Story 4” opens in U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019. ©2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Who is Bo Peep?

BO PEEP (voiced by Annie Potts) is a long-lost friend of Woody, Buzz and the gang, who always shared a special connection with Woody while residing with her sheep on a lamp base at Andy’s house. We also know that Bo Peep and Woody have some type of relationship, and we get to see them finally explore it in Toy Story 4

According to screenwriter Stephany Folsom, Bo and Woody first connected as leaders of their respective rooms. “Woody ran Andy’s room, overseeing the toys there, and Bo was in charge in Molly’s room,” says Folsom. “There’s a certain responsibility that comes with running a room, and it’s clear that Bo is strong and in control.”

The return of Bo Peep
CLOSE QUARTERS – In Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 4,” Bo Peep takes Woody to a secret hangout within the antique store—the inside of a vintage pinball machine—where a lot of toys go to socialize. Featuring Annie Potts and Tom Hanks as the voices of Bo and Woody, “Toy Story 4” opens in U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019. ©2019 Dinsey/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Meeting the women behind Bo Peep’s return

During my fun visit to the Toy Story 4 press junket at Pixar earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hear from the creators of Bo Peep. Did you know that Bo Peep was one of the essential reasons why they made Toy Story 4? Everyone wanted to know what happened to Bo Peep. And because Pixar loves us that much, they didn’t want to leave us hanging. #thankyouPixar

All about the return of Bo Peep

Also, I love that the creative team designing Bo Peep were all women. I recently shared a post about women who inspire me, and I would definitely add Bo Peep to this list. Not only did she reinvent herself from just an appliance toy, but she also became one of the main toys and star of Toy Story 4. She is tough, not letting anyone put her in the corner or crush her spirit. When you see Bo Peep on the big screen soon, you will see just what I mean. Her positive spirit, can-do attitude, and just all around “badness” makes you love Bo Peep even more! 


A look at the making of Bo Peep
TOY STORY 4 – Bo Peep Concept Art by Carrie Hobson and Daniela Strijleva. ©2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s a look at the design board shared with us during the press junket.  The creators of Bo Peep want to make something very clear; Bo Peep is not a tomboy. While she is tough, she is still caring. The animators wanted Bo to be athletic, but still feminine. The can sometimes pose a challenge when trying to put these two together, but as Directing Animator, Becki Tower wanted Bo to be both. “She is graceful and strong. Bo is both athletic and feminine, like a dancer or gymnast.”

It was also essential to design her an outfit that matched her upgraded character. Gone are the days of the long, uncomfortable dress, replacing it with something Bo can move around in and travel. 

TOY STORY 4 – Bo Peep Concept Art by John Lee. ©2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Here are a few things you should know about the upgraded Bo Peep:

She doesn’t play by the toy rules anymore. She became a lost toy, but instead of sitting on a dusty shelf waiting to be played with, she decided to pave her own way. 

“Bo Peep is just such a great character,” says screenwriter Stephany Folsom. “She was part of a baby’s lamp in Andy’s sister’s room, so she was given away a long time ago. Life was different for Bo, but she didn’t just sit around. She long ago decided to make the best of her situation, pick herself up by her bootstraps, and stand on her own two porcelain feet.”

Bo Peep is not one to play with- she is resourceful, strong, and independent. The motherly nature, sweet soothing voice, in the background character has changed. Bo Peep has a great sense of humor, playful, and confident. 

After being separated for years, Bo has become chipped and discarded, but her spirit is far from broken. She has grown into an adventure-seeking free spirit whose strength and sarcasm belie her delicate porcelain exterior. When she and Woody are reunited under unlikely circumstances, Bo realizes just how much she’s missed him, and can’t wait to show him what she’s been up to. “Bo’s taken control of her own destiny,” says director Josh Cooley. “While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can’t believe that they’ve found each other again.”

Producer Jonas Rivera shares his thoughts on Bo Peep, “To me, Bo is really the most important piece of the movie. If you were to run into Woody at the end of this movie and ask him, ‘What’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you?’ He would say that meeting Bo Peep for the second time is the biggest thing by far.”

TOY STORY 4 – Bo Peep Concept Art by Mara MacMahon. ©2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Yes, Bo is a bad mama jama, just as fine as she can be. You can catch Bo Peep and the rest of the Toy Story 4 gang in theaters June 21st!  And, advanced tickets are on sale NOW! This is one movie you do not want to miss! 

Check for more information and to find participating theaters.

  • Opening Night Fan Events will invite fans to be among the first to experience the movie on Thursday, June 20. In addition to watching the film early, attendees will receive a set of “Toy Story 4” collectible character cards and be a special event-only concession offer. 
  • “Toy Story 4” Movie Marathons take moviegoers on a “Toy Story” extravaganza on Thursday, June 20, showing all four “Toy Story” films back to back. In addition to seeing Buzz, Woody, and all their Toy Story friends on the big screen, fans will receive an exclusive Woody pin, a set of collectible character cards and get a special event-only concession offer.

When does Toy Story 4 come out?

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