2008- All About Zayd’n!

The school bus

September 14, 2008

Well ever since the boys started riding the school bus, Zayd’n has been having a hard time getting used to the fact that he cannot ride the bus too with the twins.

The first day he was out there w/ the boys w/ his backpack anxiously awaiting for the bus. When the bus got to the stop and picked up Zion and Ziah and left him standing there alone he had a horrible fit. Then I gave him some candy to quiet him down. Bad mistake on my part. The next day, he gave a little cry. Then came back inside and said, “Where’s my candy?”

The next day the same thing. Then this past week, the boys were hurrying because they were about to miss the bus. Then Zayd’n comes flying out of the house w/ his backpack, hollering, “Wait, wait for me!” And do you know the bus driver actually stopped the bus?! Lol. I had to call out to the bus driver to go on. But it was so cute. Because those that know how Zayd’n talks he sounded so cute.


So now everyday he has been asking for some candy since he can’t ride the bus. So I told him he could have a healthy snack, but no more candy. We’ll see how that goes this week.

The beginning of the school year – Edit

September 14, 2008

So now Zaydie is in preschool, which he is loving every minute of. He loved the first day so much that he said he was going back everyday, including Saturday.

He has been waiting and waiting for school to start, especially since his open house at school. The other day he even had his lunch packed and school hasn’t even started yet. Then, everyday he would add another snack to his lunch and check and make sure everything was there. When we went to go shopping for school supplies, he had his own list of supplies that he needed. lol


Now that school has started I have discovered that some days, when he is a grouch in the morning, it’s difficult dropping him off.

For instance, the other morning when it was time to drop him off he would not let me leave. He wanted to go everywhere, but school. He wanted to go home but I said, “Mommy was going to work.” But he wanted to go to daycare, he wanted to go to Gammy’s church, anywhere but preschool.

Finally, after 10 minutes he goes and gets some cars out of a box in his classroom. Then I’m like, “See Zayd’n all the other kids are having fun and they want to play with you.” Then he starts playing w/ the cars, turns to me and says, “Okay you can leave now.” And then gives me a little push. Like I was the one holding him back! The nerve.

Zayd’n was looking like if I have to say hi, he then turns around and gives her a quick hi, then did an about face and kept walking, like he was too good to stop and have a real conversation.Then he also told his teacher one day at nap time, because he kept scooting his blanket over to wherever Avery was sitting, then says to her, “I just want to snuggle.” I thought that was the cutest thing.

She says he is just so funny. Even his old daycare provider said she misses Zayd’n and the new teacher is probably loving him because he is so cute and funny.

Man I wish I could think of some of the classic moments that has had us in tears about him, but my mind is drawing a blank right now. Well, maybe they’ll come back to me.


His Charm-

Zayd’n has a way to charm people. 99.9 percent of his pictures he is showing all of his teeth with his little smile or laughing. That is how he pulls the charm thing. If he did something wrong and he know that he did, he will come up to you and smile and want to give you kisses.

Like today when he hit Ziah on the head, he knew he was in trouble. He came and was like Mommy I need to kiss you. I’m dude it’s not working.

He was able to pull that little charm thing with me for a while, but now I’m not falling for it.

Like he’ll say stuff like..


“I need a hug”

“I need to give you kisses”

” I have to tell you something right now”

” I like you” yeah that’s a new one.. he says that when I’m getting on him. “But I like you mommy”

Yeah I like you too Zayd’n but you’re still getting it.


One day I had on this long flowing dress and he said “aw mommy, you Cinderella”  I thought that was soo cute.  And he tells me all the time.. mommy you pretty.. oh you soo cute…..

A little riot.

He also likes to look in the mirror at himself, and say “I’m just soo cute”

Even he knows that his cuteness gets him out of a lot of stuff.


And for those that know how he talks, he has the cutest little voice ever. Even Zion and Ziah didn’t sound as cute as Zayd’n does

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