25 Rainbow Craft & Snack Ideas

25 Rainbow Craft & Snack Ideas

Have fun on St. Patrick’s Day with these easy Rainbow ideas.

Rainbow Craft & Snack Ideas

25 Rainbow Craft & Snack Ideas

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As you go about looking to eat and do all things green today, don’t forget to have some with the Rainbow. There are so many ways you can have with all the colors of the rainbow, and not just for St. Patrick’s Day. Listed below are cool and fun rainbow activities to do with the kids any time of the year.

On of our favorite things to do during the month of March is making Shamrock Shakes. You can check out my copycat recipe and learn how to make your own shake. Another fun shake idea is a Over The Rainbow Shamrock Shake. It’s a little different from the regular Shamrock Shake, but both are huge hits in our house!



St. Patrick’s Day Skittles Rainbow In A Bag


Marshmallow Leprechaun Hats

Here are 25 fun Rainbow Craft & Snack Ideas to check out!

  1. iHeart Nap Time (Rainbow Coin Toss Game) http://www.iheartnaptime.net/st-patricks-day-rainbow-coin-toss-game
  2. Tastes Of Lizzy T (Frosted Rainbow Cut Out Cookies)  http://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/2016/02/25/frosted-cutout-rainbow-cookies-recipe/
  3. Peas and Peonies (Rainbow Bread)  http://peasandpeonies.com/2016/03/perfect-rainbow-bread/
  4. Parenting Chaos (Rainbow Fruit Pizza)  http://parentingchaos.com/rainbow-fruit-pizza-kids-in-the-kitchen/
  5. Kids Activities Blog (Rainbow Scratch Art)  http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/77681/rainbow-scratch-art
  6. Sugar Spice and Glitter (Rainbow Slime)  http://sugarspiceandglitter.com/rainbow-slime/
  7. Sugar Aunts (Rainbow Tube Craft)  http://www.sugaraunts.com/2014/03/rainbow-cardboard-tube-craft.html
  8. Pint Sized Treasures (Rainbow Cookies)  http://pintsizedtreasures.com/easy-rainbow-cookies/
  9. Happiness Is Homemade (Rainbow Streamers)  http://www.happinessishomemade.net/2011/03/02/streamer-rainbows/
  10. Kids Stuff World (Rainbow Necklace Craft)  http://kidsstuffworld.com/2015/04/stuff-kids-love-rainbow-necklace-craft/
  11. Mom Dot (Rainbow Jello Parfait)  http://www.momdot.com/rainbow-jello-parfait-recipe/
  12. iHeart Crafty Things (Pot of Gold and Rainbow Paper Plate Craft)  http://www.iheartcraftythings.com/2015/02/paper-plate-pot-of-gold-and-rainbow.html
  13. Housing A Forest (Rainbow Math Game)  http://www.housingaforest.com/rainbow-math-game/
  14. Hands On As We Grow (Rainbow Scavenger Hunt)  http://handsonaswegrow.com/rainbow-scavenger-hunt-with-clues/
  15. Tablespoon (Rainbow Waffles)  http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/rainbow-waffles/869f8cde-20ca-4aa9-8306-724a923a703a
  16. Mom On Time Out (Rainbow Pretzel Wands)  http://www.momontimeout.com/2014/03/rainbow-pretzel-wands/
  17. Glue Dots (Leprechaun Binoculars)  http://www.gluedots.com/consumer/kid-craft-leprechaun-binoculars/?pp=0
  18. Crafty Morning (Rainbow Chain Craft)  http://www.craftymorning.com/rainbow-chain-craft-st-patricks-day/
  19. Powerful Mothering (Rainbow Craft Stick Puzzle)  http://www.powerfulmothering.com/rainbow-craft-stick-puzzle/
  20. Kristen Duke Photography (Graham Cracker Rainbow Snack)  http://www.kristendukephotography.com/graham-cracker-rainbow-weather-snack/#_a5y_p=4241816
  21. Mom Tastic (Rainbow Banner)  http://www.momtastic.com/diy/171599-diy-valentines-day-rainbow-banner/
  22. Play Dough To Plato (Rainbow Jar)  http://www.playdoughtoplato.com/rainbow-jar-st-patricks-day/
  23. Powerful Mothering (Rainbow Science Experiment)  http://www.powerfulmothering.com/rainbow-ice-and-salt-science-experiment-for-preschool/#_a5y_p=3449129
  24. Happy Hooligans (Rainbow Wind Chimes)  http://happyhooligans.ca/homemade-wind-chimes/
  25. Home School 4 Me (Rainbow Hand Art Craft)  http://www.123homeschool4me.com/2015/02/st-patricks-day-rainbow-hand-art-craft.html?m=1
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