7 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Closet

7 Ways to Organize Your Closet

If you’ve put off cleaning your closet because you’re scared to go in there, these awesome ways to organize your closet is just what you need to read. It’s time to get rid of the clutter in your life. Being organized not only saves you space, but also time!

7 Awesome Ways to Organize your Closet

For most people, the closet is a place that quickly spirals out of control. (Shh.. don’t come and look at mine! It’s a mess!) We never mean for this to happen, but it is all too convenient to just shove stuff in there to get it out of sight or to use it as some extra storage catch-all for everything from Christmas decorations to memorabilia. I have even have a gift closet that needs to be cleaned out. So while you’re reading this post, I’m busy getting my closets organized!

Here’s some awesome ways to organize your closet and help you get a handle on the clutter that is in there. You can find more ideas in my post about 50 ways to de-clutter!

7 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Closet

Find a new home for anything that doesn’t belong there. Often, we don’t even know what we have anymore because we forget about what gets shoved into our storage spaces at home. If you haven’t used it in over a year, time to get rid of it. This goes for miscellaneous stuff as well as clothing.

Hang scarves and bags on curtain rods. Attach a curtain rod to the inside of your closet or door and using curtain hooks, attach each one to it. This allows you to take them off individually without having to detach the whole rod.

Don’t use more hangers than necessary. Be smart with space and use one hanger with those round curtain hooks (the plastic ones you can get a the dollar store) for things like tank tops or infinity scarves. You can also store ties this way as well.

Utilize that suitcase. Most of us have a suitcase, or a weekend bag or two in our closets just taking up space. Don’t let it be dead space! These are perfect for sticking off-season clothing and shoes in! Doing so frees up a lot of space in the closet.

Tired of boots falling over in your closet? Use pool noodles, cut down to size, to keep them upright. If you would prefer to not have them on the floor of your closet at all, use pants hangers with the clips.

Create double the space with pop tabs. If you drink soda, stop tossing out the cans and use the pop tab. Just slip it over the hanger and you can now hang a other hanger from it so you use half the space.

Pair outfits together. This is something many people do for their kids, but it’s also a great solution for adults as well. If your outfits are put together, you will take up less space in your closet and spend less time getting dressed as well.

Great resources to check out before you go:

What are some ways that you control closet clutter? Let me know in the comments.

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