The fridge and freezer is not a place that most people think to even do organization in. After all, isn’t there a constant stream of foods being rotated? You already know what you have, right? The simple answer for most people is often, “No”. This is why many people find they waste more food than they are aware.  For me, this is an area that I try to tackle one per week. It’s easy for food and leftovers to pile up in the fridge. And it can even start to stink after a while. #gross

7 Hacks for cleaning and organizing your fridge and freezer



It is vital that you get your fridge and freezer organized in order to save you money.

Here are some tips to do just that. You can also find more awesome tips to help you stay organized in the kitchen by checking out my 60+++ Kitchen Organizational Tips post!

7 Hacks for Cleaning and Organizing your Fridge and freezer

First, start with your fridge and take everything out. Throw out anything that is bad and do a complete deep clean. Make sure to look at your condiments, too. They are often forgotten about for a long time. Most condiments are only good, opened, for 3-6 months. Condiments that are vinegar based can go as long as 9-12 months. Do the same clean-out for your freezer. Toss out anything that is freezer burnt.

Now that you are starting with a clean slate, here are some hacks for keeping it organized:

Use binder clips to hang bags of frozen vegetables and fruit from your wire shelves in your freezer. It will keep them handy and from getting lost in your freezer.

Use labels to keep things in their spots. If you use baskets, make sure to label them so everyone knows where things belong.

If it makes it easier, use color coded boxes for things. This makes it easy for anyone to put the groceries away.

Try a lazy Susan in your fridge for often used condiments. This makes them easy to reach without taking up too much room in your fridge.

Keep a running list of items in your fridge and freezer. This way, you know when you are about to run out of something and you know what you have before you go to the store so you don’t buy duplicates. This also helps you meal plan as well!

Use Crystal Light containers for things like cut up carrots and celery sticks as well as boiled eggs and even string cheese sticks. These are easy to clean and see through (once you remove the labels) so you know exactly what is in them.

Keep your fridge and freezer smelling clean with some activated charcoal. You can buy it at pet stores in the fish section.

Great resources to check out before you go:

Did you know there are some must-have gadgets you need for your kitchen? Yes! Check them out below:

What are some ways you keep your fridge and freezer clean and organized? I would love to know in the comments!

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