About Zion

about zion

This is a perfect picture to describe Zion, our middle son. Zion is also the youngest of the twins. Currently we are on a strange and wild roller coaster with him and his behavior. Zion was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum a few years back. You can read about our Journey with Autism over HERE!

Zion is our thinker. He’s serious. Sometimes too serious! Unfortunately having a HIGH level of anxiety doesn’t help him learn how to “lighten”up! There are jokes he doesn’t get, social cues he doesn’t understand. He falls down, but he continues to get back up.

about zion

If I were to describe Zion I would say:

  • hard worker
  • loves video games
  • loves to figure things out
  • serious
  • responsible
  • polite
  • stickler for details
  • odd sense of humor
  • book worm
  • loves gadgets
  • a nerd, but a handsome one 🙂
  • a food lover
  • penchant for garlic bread
  • clumsy, non-athletic

Oh, I think I just named quite a few traits off the spectrum! Hmm…. being a child on the Autism Spectrum that is more higher functioning, Zion still has his shares of struggles. When reading about him, you may laugh, cry, get angry with us, virtually hug us, and learn about the struggles and triumphs that Zion goes through on a daily basis!

about zion

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