Sorry guys it took a long time to write. I’ve been busy with school and homework (blah)

ANYWAY the news- I hope that I’ll be on TV, like my mom. So if you have seen Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, or Greek Mythology, my Mom and Dad will be helping me making my own website ( I hope).

I am going to make a vote about who is better Mario or Sonic. And some more stuff about History. If you have a Xbox Get the game castle crashers and battle me if you dare- -my Gamertag is leow2012. My characters are pretty strong. If you want to learn about Star Wars click here. If you want to know about Castle Crashers click here. If you want to know about Dragon Ball Z click here.

I know that I mess some things up. Also check out my Dad’s website. And myMom’s. Ziahs website is coming soon and you can see Zayd’n’s website  here. More stuff available soon! Watch the Star Wars movies!!!!!