52 Ways to bond with your kids this year {+ FREE Printable}

52 Ways To Bond With Your Kids

It’s a new year, and a new way to start fresh with your kids. We’ve put together a list of 52 ways to bond with your kids this year you can check out below. Get ideas on how to bond with your teens as well! 

It's a new year, and a new way to start fresh with your kids. We've put together a list of 52 ways to bond with your kids this year you can check out on the blog. Get ideas on how to bond with your teens as well! 

52 Ways to bond with your kids this year {+ FREE Printable}

As the New Year approaches, you might have it on your mind to spend more time with your children. Knowing how to bond with your children isn’t always obvious, and can take some practice. This is where I fail tend to not get it right. I am a Mom, but I’m not perfect. This year I chose the word connection as my word of the year. I want to work on being a better Mom and do more things to bond with my boys. Below, we have compiled 52 ways to bond with your kids this year. You can pick one per week to focus on, and quickly find yourself spending quality time with your children that you are all sure to enjoy!

Ways to bond with your kids this year!

1. Attend the sporting events of a local high school or college.

Smiling mother and daughter cooking a salad.

2. Choose cookbooks from the library and create a family feast.

3. Gather old clothes and accessories and play dress up. Have a fashion show to show off your creations.

4. Rehearse then perform a short skit or play together.

5. Volunteer together at a local soup kitchen.

6. Go to the dollar store for craft supplies and enjoy an afternoon of creating.

7. Get buckets and sponges and have a family car wash.

8. Read aloud their favorite books together. Use lots of funny voices.

9. Gather paper bags and markers and make your own puppets. Have a puppet show.

10. Pop popcorn and pour the juice. Then, have a cartoon marathon.

11. Plant a garden together. Even an indoor windowsill herb garden will do.

12. Do face paintings on each other.

13. Trace yourselves with chalk onto the sidewalk.

14. Have a family board game night complete with pizza and ice cream.

15. Try family fun activities like mini golf or bowling.

16. Enter a contest together. It will help you develop teamwork.

17. Let them pick their favorite place for lunch and then go and chow down.

Smiling happy parents and son having picnic in park.

18. Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon outdoors.

19. Go on a nature walk and collect flowers and leaves. Come home and press them.

20. Visit local attractions such as the zoo, aquarium, or museum. Visit on the kids get in free days.

21. Show them baby pictures of themselves and share memories.

22. Do the same with old family videos and movies. They will love it!

23. Let your child interview you, then interview them.

24. Decorate their bedroom together. Paint a wall, add some fun pictures, or paint a wall mural.

52 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

25. Have a bubble blowing contest with chewing gum.

26. Visit the local library for story time, free presentations, or to rent inexpensive movies.

27. Attend one of the free craft sessions at Barnes & Noble.

28. Attend a free make-it-and-take-it event at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

29. Ask your local bakery if they offer tours. If not, just go for an afternoon snack.

30. Try baking bread from scratch.

31. Plan and pull off a bike parade together.

32. Listen to the music that interests them. Have a dance party.

33. Pamper each other. Paint nails, brush hair, apply light make up.

34. Invite a play date over. Engage with them so you can get to know their friends well.

35. Take a class together. It can be art, cooking, a foreign language, dance, etc.

52 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

36. Try exercising together. An after-dinner walk is a great place to start.

37.  Attend a concert of their choice together.

38. Try writing a short story together. Have them illustrate it if they wish.

39. Play some video or computer games with them. Let them teach you how to play.

40. Make your own play dough.

41. Create a build your own salad bar for dinner. Let them help prep it.

52 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

42. Get some cardboard boxes. Let your imagination go wild and see what you can create with it.

43. Get a canvas and paint a family picture with it. Let each member make their own design or mark on

the canvas.

44. Enjoy an afternoon of browsing and shopping at their favorite stores. Teach them about planning a

shopping list and budgeting.

45. Grab a magnifying glass and go investigate nature.

46. Play a game of flashlight tag in the dark. Go outside if weather permits.

52 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

47. Take a twilight walk to look for night time wildlife such as bats and owls.

48. Attend a local art event such as a play, musical, or gallery opening.

49. Teach them a skill you have mastered such as sewing, writing, cooking, woodworking, etc.

50. Take them to visit with other family members. It will help them better understand where they come from.

51. Have breakfast for dinner one night. Get out the cereal, juice, eggs, and of course bacon! They will love the change in routine.

52. Share a journal together. Let them write you notes and you can write back.

Bonding with your child doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Give these 52 ideas for bonding with your children a try and see how easy it can be.

You can get a FREE printable copy of this down below: 

It's a new year, and a new way to start fresh with your kids. We've put together a list of 52 ways to bond with your kids this year you can check out on the blog. Get ideas on how to bond with your teens as well! 

52 ways to bond with your kids this year printable

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  1. May 6, 2015

    This is an awesome list! Our kids really just want us present in their daily lives. They want to know that they matter 🙂

    • May 7, 2015

      You’re definitely right about that Regina. I told myself this year I am going to slow down and make sure I spend time bonding with each of my three boys!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is so important! Thanks for sharing all your ideas! Kids need that intentional time, and these are such fun ways to deliver that!

  3. This is a great list. We used to do skits all the time when I was little. Thanks for posting. Hello from Think and Make Thursday.

  4. May 14, 2015

    You’ve got some fun ideas here. Baking was always a favourite activity of my kids when they were small, or making there own pizzas, I think they enjoyed anything where they could eat the results!
    Another favourite was games days, simple silly things like charades or easy card games, where we end up laughing till we cry. We still enjoy pizza and movies night now and again and they are all grown up!

  5. May 14, 2015

    I love these ideas! I really enjoy spending time with my kiddos. Even the simplest things can make memories.

    I hope you can stop by:



  6. This is a list comes just in time for us! The printable list is great to hang on the refrigerator. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

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