Date Night Ideas For When You Have No Sitter

Want to go out, but don't have a babysitter? Read our date night solutions on how to solve this problem! Date Night Ideas When You Don't Have A Sitter!

We’ve all been there when you really need a break from the kids, but there is just no one available to watch them for you. Here are some great Date Night Ideas For When You Have No Sitter. Not only are these fun, easy and romantic, but they will also make you feel like a teenager again. Sometimes it’s not about what you do or where you go, but how much fun you have together in the process. The boys are now tweens and teens, but they still require a sitter in the evenings. We still run into those moments of not being able to find a babysitter. We have used in the past to find excellent babysitters.

Want to go out, but don't have a babysitter? Read our date night solutions on how to solve this problem! Date Night Ideas When You Don't Have A Sitter!

Date Night Ideas When You Have No Sitter

I love sharing date night ideas because I know how important that connection is for our relationship.  Making time for each other as a couple is truly vital to keeping your relationship going and healthy.  When you neglect that relationship with your spouse, you will quickly find it harder to manage your household. You will also find it harder to connect with your spouse, talk about basic things and parent the children.

There is nothing like taking the time to connect and make that person feel important to you again.  That’s why these ideas for when you don’t have a sitter are so important to remember.

Go Park In Your Driveway: Grab the baby monitor so you can hear if the kids need you, bundle up and head out to your car and have a fun makeout session like you would have done when you were teenagers. Just because you can’t leave the kids alone, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun together after they go to sleep.

Star Gaze After The Kids Are In Bed: Grab a blanket and snuggle up on the ground in your yard under the stars. Set up a telescope if you have one, or simply use one of the many stargazing apps on your smartphone to look for specific constellations together.

Date Night Ideas for couples

Read together In Bed: Before we had kids, D and I used to read in bed together. Sometimes, I would curl up under his arm while he read to me. He would also make up stories and tell them to me as I drifted off to sleep {so much for date night, lol}. However, if you are both readers, laying in bed reading together is just as romantic as a stroll on the beach.

Watch Movies In Bed: Grab a bottle of wine, some chocolate, and a movie. Snuggle together in bed with the lights down low, the door locked and enjoy a romantic movie with your lover after the kids go to bed. Sometimes it is all about relaxing together without the distractions the kids bring. For Christmas last year, I created a date night movie basket for my sister and hubby. It’s not only a great gift idea, but you can easily put one together for your and your man!

Movie Date Night Gift Idea-4

Cook Dinner Together: Even if the kids are around, you can still put them in front of a movie and head to the kitchen to have fun cooking a romantic meal together. Grab ingredients for your favorite dishes, a bottle of wine and explore food together. Occupy the kids with a movie, pizza, and snacks in the living room while you have fun together. Turn the lights down and enjoy a bit of romance after they are in bed. Derrick loves to come up with ideas using just what we have around the kitchen. You can check out some of the recipes {and cocktails} here on the blog for inspiration! {below is a recipe he put together using fresh kale from the garden: Spaghetti & Alfredo Sauce Topped with Panfried Kale}


Watch The Sunset Together: Head out to your back deck, pull up a chair or toss a blanket on the ground. Open a bottle of wine and snuggle together watching the sunset fade on the horizon.

Most of the time having date nights when you have no sitter involve working around the kids sleep schedules. Get creative. Think outside the box. Almost anything you would do when the kids are away, you can do when they are home, only after they go to bed. The most important thing to be mindful of each other and focus on your love and affection.

Create a Date Night Jar and fill it with awesome ideas together. That way the next time you’re not sure what to do for your date night, you can pull an idea from the jar.

Planning Date Night doesn't have to be hard when you have a jar filled with Date Night Ideas! Here's 20 Date Night Ideas to use with Date Night in a Jar!

Did we miss a good tip? Feel free to drop us a line below!

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Want to go out, but don't have a babysitter? Read our date night solutions on how to solve this problem! Date Night Ideas When You Don't Have A Sitter!

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  1. Jasmine
    August 4, 2016

    This will definitely come in handy with six kids! I love the reading together one! Its something I do all the time but I would never think of it as a date idea! maybe we can even read the same book together? Great idea!

  2. August 8, 2016

    These are some cute ideas. We hardly ever had a sitter and I’ll have to keep these in mind for when we need some alone time.

  3. August 9, 2016

    Ya’ll are too cute! Great ideas & post. My husband used to call me with outlandish stories about crazy stuff and then say he was just kidding. I was a sucker every time. Still am. Except I know he’s lying when he smiles. Which is why he would call. Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned & Sharing on FB! Have a great week!

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