DIY Easy Easter Egg Centerpiece

With Easter just around the corner, I have the perfect DIY Easter Decor idea for you to try. This Easter Egg Decor idea can be used for a centerpiece or just to plant in front of a big bay window. Or place it in the backyard and make it part of this year’s Easter Egg hunt. Regardless of where you put it, this DIY idea is super easy to make.. and most importantly– it’s SUPER cheap!

So let’s get started-

DIY Easy Easter Egg Centerpiece

easter egg centerpiece.jpg

I used 5 packs of Eggs that I picked up at the Dollar Store (so $5 bucks spent so far)

A Styrofoam Ball that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off ($6.00) *You should be able to find these at any craft store- search for coupons to get the final price even lower

A pack of bamboo sticks (or any sticks/skewers with a sharp point)- $1.00

= $12.00 spent

DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece supplies.jpg

Open up all of the eggs (you can do this all at once, or one at a time)

diy easter egg part 1.jpg

Then taking the pointed end, glide it through one of the holes in the Egg

diy easter egg part 2.jpg

Then close the egg back up (make sure the pointed (sharp end) is sticking out

diy easter egg part 3.jpg

Then take the pointed sharp end and stick in the styrofoam ball and push it down until you feel comfortable of how it looks. Repeat this process until you have covered the styrofoam ball with eggs.

diy easter egg centerpiece 1.jpg

Now… how to make your Easter Egg Ball stand up? There’s a few ways you can do it:

You can get a bigger stick and create a stand for the ball. Or you can try my option!

I decided to take a large clear vase to place the Easter Egg Ball on top of to create my easter centerpiece.

Here’s what you need:

  • roll of wrapping paper
  • large vase

DIY Easter Egg centerpiece process 1.jpg

Did you know that you can create all types of centerpieces by just taking a vase and changing the wrapping paper to fit your theme? I do this all the time- an easy way to recycle what you have and frugal too!

diy easter egg centerpiece process 2.jpg

 Roll the rolling paper out and place the vase on its side. Then roll the wrapping paper around the vase until it’s fully covered.

diy easter egg centerpiece process 3.jpg

Cut off any excess wrapping paper. Then tape the ends (or glue it down). Then the excess pieces that are at the bottom, take those and fold them. (be sure to glue or tape the ends so they stay in place)

diy easter egg centerpiece process 4.jpg

Turning the vase back upright, fold the excess wrapping paper at the top inside of the vase.

Last but not least, take your Easter Egg Ball and place it on top of the finished Vase. Towards the end I didn’t like how all of the white still showed from the styrofoam. If I would have thought about it, I would have painted or spray painted the ball. I decided to add easter grass to help fill in the white spots.

And you’re final product will look something like this:

easter egg centerpiece diy.jpg

If you already have a vase then just pick up some wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. This project will cost you about $13.00! Very easy and frugal. If you want to splurge on the wrapping paper, I picked up this set at Hobby Lobby for $2.99

DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece.jpg

Enjoy your Easter!

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