fall centerpiece idea

Fall Centerpiece Idea

It’s Fall! Time to put up all of the summery flowers, linen, table decor and more! Every season I like to pull out all the stops and try to outdo what I did last season.

Earlier last month I  hosted a Mom’s Night out dinner on my back patio and needed to create a theme for my outdoor DIY table made out of wood pallets.

This Fall centerpiece was easy to do and budget friendly! I actually used what I had at home!

fall decor centerpiece

Supplies for Fall Centerpiece

What you will need:

  • A Large clear vase
  • 3-4 fake apples (for this piece I used fresh apples because I didn’t want to spend any money 🙂 )
  • Ribbon or other accessory to go around the vase
  • Clear crystals
  • fake acorns
  • Stems- leaves, straw, or any other fun long stems/leaves

Basically I filled the bottom of the glass with the clear crystals. Then I stacked the apples and acorns. Then I started places the steams, leaves, and regular sticks in one at a time. I played around with the placement of each one until it felt right. I then filled the vase to the brim with water.

Tied the ribbon and that’s it!

A very simple project that can cost you zero out of pocket by looking around your house and using what you already have! You can amp up this centerpiece to be elegant or downgrade it for an every day causal centerpiece!

Either way, this Fall Centerpiece will definitely stand out on your table- as noted below:

outside table decor idea 2