September 2008: If A Mouse Can Cook…..

September 14, 2008

After seeing the movie Ratatouille, Zayd’n’s interest in cooking increased. I guess he figured if a mouse can cook, then he could too.

One day as I was pre-heating the oven to cook some beans I smelled something burning. I opened the oven and saw a stuffed animal fish and dog baking in the oven. I quickly grabbed them out and placed them on the counter. The fish’s eyes were already melting. About 2 minutes later, Zayd’n strolls into the kitchen, grabs the oven mitt out of the drawer and looks into the oven. Then he asked, is my fish done yet?

I tried to scold him without laughing.. Zayd’n you can’t cook your stuffed animals. Then he says,”Yes you can!” He was very adament that he could this type of thing. Since then I have been keeping a close eye on my oven after I turn it on. You never know he might pop something else in there to be cooked.


Since then I have brought him his own kitchen set. He still likes to help me cook real food though, but he will play w/ his set, but he borrows my seasonings to use on his pretend food.


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