Zion: Social Book Club & The Sisters Grimm

Although I am proud of all my kids, today I am especially proud of Zion. I hesitantly, but hopefully enrolled him in the Delta Library children’s book club. We (parents) thought it would be a great experience whereas he could be exposed to books he wouldn’t normally be interested in, and it will be a tremendous opportunity for him to discuss the books he reads with other children to help build his social skill set. Especially since it was listed as part of the recommendations from his last evaluation to involve him in more social activities.

So, today he finished the first book, The Sisters Grimm by Micheal Buckley. He was so proud to have finished all 284 pages. There are currently nine books in this particular series and today he said he wanted all of them. We gave him the book last week Monday and he’s already finished. He’ll discuss the book at his first ever book club meeting at the library on the March 21st. Go ZION!

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