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Sorry for not doing this in a long time.

My new rule is a least do one a week. BTW if you have Xbox 360 my name is leow2012 (lol).  Anyway PLEASE  leave a comment! I checked and haven’t got ANY.

I might have a website that shows you know…… stuff that I like and blah  BUT some stuff for the moms and dads or teens. I got like 5 or 6 friends on Xbox. Most people got soo much friends.

My homework is getting harder and harder.

I am now going to talk about Star Wars. In the future  I want to be those guys that make sprites{type in Mario sprites to see what I mean} epic sprite battles and maybe get some Lego Star Wars toys!!!!

My mom Just got home a few hours ago from a trip!

OH just forget my plans! Next Sunday I will be typing this stuff down.

BTW can someone help me make sprite movies? If you do it I will give you an award! { A Lightsaber!} LOL JUST KIDDING but I will give you an award.

It’s not money. Its’s not a video game. Just a funny youtube video. And another  challenge is if you can get me on Xbox 360 first!

Here are the steps for helping me do sprite movies

  1. IF you find out, put in it the comments
  2. before you find out TEST if first

and that’s is it. See ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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