Hot Dog Bar Idea + The Intel True VR App

Hot Dog Bar Idea

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Create the Ultimate Guys Game Day Party with this Hot Dog Bar Idea, plus how to use the Intel True VR App!


Create the Ultimate Guys Game Day Party with this Hot Dog Bar Idea, plus how to use the True VR App!


Ultimate Guys Game Day Party | Hot Dog Bar Idea + Intel True VR App

Growing up as a sports fan after a while I came to the conclusion that watching a baseball game at home was actually better than being at the actual baseball, basketball, or football game. Yes, there is definitely something to be said about “being there” at the actual game, but not enough advantages to inspire me to jump through all of the hoops to get there. The only times I have enjoyed being at a baseball game, or other sporting events, was when I was watching little league and my son was playing on the team, there’s substitute for being there for my boys. So for me, taking in a game from the comfort of my own home is a far better experience on so many levels. For one, I am at home and as the saying goes, “there’s no place like home!” And while being at the ballpark may have its perks, in my opinion, it doesn’t compare to the creature comforts of home. I can watch a game while sitting on my comfortable couch and eat delicious inexpensive snacks fresh out of my kitchen. Definitely, a win/win.

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-9

Plus, being at a baseball game you’re always at the mercy of the weather or having not so favorable seats, and a whole host of other distractions, etc. Plus, there is the time it takes to get to the stadium, the long lines waiting to get in, then after the same long wait, in addition to the crazy traffic on the way back home. It’s a lot of unnecessary travel, and expense. So yea, let’s watch from home. 

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-15

So, I would invite a few friends over to watch the game. Make some good food to eat and watch the game in a much more controlled and comfortable environment. But guess what? Watching a live baseball game just got a lot more REAL! Like, drop you right there into the thick of things real. Recently, I had a great experience trying out the new Intel True VR  App and watched the live action on the latest Gear VR Headset. Let me say this; it was an eye-opening and awesome experience. This is such a great way to watch just about anything, but it is especially the way to watch any sports event, and watching live streamed baseball was no exception.

The Set-Up

First things first, right? Right! First, make sure you have a compatible Samsung mobile phone:

  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • S6 Edge+
  • S6, or S6 Edge

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-20

Second, download the Intel True VR App by visiting Oculus App Store, and for information, Intel True VR click here.

Next, remove the Gear VR Headset, and additional equipment from the box and follow the step-by-step instructions for assembly.

Now you, friends, and family are ready for a truly exhilarating Intel True VR experience

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-19

Chris said, ” Intel TrueVR was a great virtual reality experience in a home environment, I’m excited about the future of this type of technology.”

Enjoying the Intel True VR

Now, I have tried a few VR systems, so I was already somewhat familiar with how they worked and what to expect. However, for my cousin Philip this was his first time experiencing a VR, and he was super excited. He loved the completely immersive VR environment. He had this to say, “The 360° is awesome! For sporting events, it’s really cool. Feels like you’re literally there!” And I agree, this is a game changer for sure. After this experience I have to say Intel True VR technology is definitely going to change how I watch, not just sports, but how I consume entertainment in general. It’s like going from a 1950s black and white television to a modern flat-screen high-definition color tv! There’s a world of difference! We needed three systems because we all wanted to use the Gear VR Headset at the same time.

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-11

Even though we had the game on TV, it didn’t compare, not even close!

Good food. Cold beer. And the best seat in the house

Laying out a nice spread is essential to having a great guys game night. For this little get-together, I put together a very respectable Hot Dog Bar with the all the fixings. Plus, I served one of our favorite beer and enjoyed watching the game while eating some good food.

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-6

Setting up the Hot Dog Bar was easy. I made the chili a day ahead of time and only had to grill the hot dogs and add all of the condiments. Planning ahead is a big part of pulling off a get-together. Do these guys look unhappy? I don’t think so!


Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-4

Having chili on deck, plus all of the fixings made for an irresistibly delicious and exciting day at the virtual ballpark!

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-17

Without a doubt, we had a great time! Yes, the food was good, but the entertainment was the main event. If you are a sports fan, this is an experience you need to try. The realism is incredible. I highly recommend Intel True VR because not only can you watch sports events like MLB, NBA, and the NFL but you can jump right into the middle of other events offered on the platform like the NCAA’s March Madness. The especially love the multiple options in which you can watch the games. For example, the MLB live-stream gives you the option of watching from several points of view. Get behind home plate home plate or just let the Intel True VR app switch cameras for you. How cool it that? You can also get up-to-date with real-time stats, watch the best plays from multiple angles, game analysis, as well as game commentary. Take the phrase best seat in the house to a whole other level!

Do this, download the Intel True VR App and tune into MLB live stream Game of the Week (that’s every Tuesday) and while you’re at you can check out MLB VOD too.

Hot Dog Bar + MLB + Samsung VR-10

We had a blast watching the game, as well as other entertainment options. But with Intel True VR you don’t watch the game, you’re in the game.

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  1. August 23, 2017

    I’m with you there about staying home and watching the games. I hate going out and prefer to be at home. The prices they charge for snacks is super ridiculous. You’re better off taking your own food, but most times it’s not allowed. VR Technology has sure come a long way!

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