55 Photos to Take of Your Child This Year

52 Photos To Take Of Your Kids This Year


Parents! It's important to take the time to capture those priceless moments of your kids. Here are over 55 photos you should take of your child this year! 55 Photos to Take of Your Child This Year

55 Photos to Take of Your Child This Year

As parents, we all know how fast our kids grow. I was just looking through photos of the boys from a few a years ago, and just amazed how fast they have grown! One of the best ways to hold on and savor those moments is with photographs. Photographs can freeze a little moment in time and preserve it for when you need a peek into your past. I have gathered a list of 55 photos to take of your child, all year round. You can take it as a challenge for this next year to try to check off every photo on the list then do it again the next year and compare the changes. I hope these ideas will inspire you to be intentional about spending time with your kids and making memories that will last forever! Use this list as a springboard for taking more posed and candid shots of your child this next year.

So grab your camera or phone and get ready to take pictures of your child in one or more of these situations! ( I personally use a Canon T5i or my iPhone x or Samsung Note 8

  1. Dressed for winter (whatever that might be for your area)- The more bundled up the cooler the photo
  2. Sleeping soundly and sweetly in their bed.
  3. Passing out Valentines to class friends.
  4. Sweaty, playing sports in their uniform. DIY Snack Crate
  5. Picking wild flowers in a big field.
  6. Dancing or playing in the rain, stomping in puddles.
  7. Snuggling with a beloved pet.
  8. Playing a family board game.
  9. Blowing a bubble- gum or soap works!
  10. Sticky and stained from a summer popsicle.
  11. Mastering a new task or skill.
  12. Climbing a tree.
  13. Playing a musical instrument.
  14. Exploring and investigating someplace new. 
  15. Playing with a favorite treasured toy.
  16. Helping mom or dad out in the kitchen.
  17. On the first day of school in the same spot every time. {get back to school outfit ideas for boys here}Back to School Outfit Ideas For Boys
  18. On the last day of school wearing the same outfit as the first day.
  19. Working on homework- scrunched nose, pencil chewing and all.
  20. Dressed up in a Halloween costume.
  21. In a formal dress but unposed-a wedding, church, Easter, before a photo shoot
  22. Gazing out the window thoughtfully. zzzboys Showboat Branson Belle
  23. Rumpled, dusty, and covered in dirt/mud.
  24. Getting ready for bed, brushing teeth or getting that last drink of water.
  25. Creating a masterpiece with chalk in the driveway.
  26. With their teacher and classmates- On a field trip, in class, or at the bus stop.
  27. Reading a book under a tree in the backyard or while camping.
  28. While on a family vacation- in the car or near a landmark.
  29. In your wedding, gown/Dad’s Suit-This one will be a cute one to do every few years and watch them grow.
  30. With their siblings-helping, hugging, playing, sleeping. 
  31. Looking through their own camera, taking a photo of you at the same time.
  32. Trying something new- a hobby, sport, sushi,etc..
  33. Combing/Brushing/Styling their hair.
  34. If you have pets, take photos of your kids with the family pet How A Dog Can Be Therapeutic For Kids With Autism
  35. Rumpled in the morning with bed head and sleepy eyes.
  36. Playing dress up in your fancy clothes or their favorite costumes.
  37. Hugging their grandparents, holding their hand, or snuggled in their lap. {THIS one for sure. My parents are both gone, so having photos of the kids with their grandparents are priceless}
  38. Running wildly through a sprinkler in the grass.
  39. Standing next to the closest body of water to home-ocean, pond, etc…
  40. Dancing uninhibited in the living room with a hairbrush microphone.
  41. Riding their favorite ride at a theme park for the 5th time. 
  42. Having a finger food backyard picnic.
  43. Watching daddy shave in the mirror.
  44. Playing on a swing at the park or in the backyard.
  45. Tossing a paper airplane through the air.
  46. Blowing up or playing with a balloon.
  47. Posing for a selfie with mom or dad. This letter of hope and encouragement is to all the Autism Moms out there. I see your struggles. I see your worries. From one Autism Mom to another, here's my Dear Autism Mom Letter.
  48. Choosing a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.
  49. With dirty bare feet, just the dirty little fit in all their glory.
  50. Enjoying a turkey leg or giant piece of pie.
  51. Writing out their Christmas lists to Santa Claus.
  52. Sipping on a hot cocoa overflowing with mini marshmallows.
  53. Underneath the Christmas Tree fast asleep.
  54. Opening up presents on their birthday or Christmas. Coming up with cool gift ideas for boys can be challenging, especially teen boys. I put together a list of Christmas gift ideas (with the help from my boys) for tween and teen boys. Check out this Christmas Gift Guide for Boys- 15+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys
  55. Going to Disney for the first time. {they have been several times, but I still make them take a photo! lol}

You may find when you pull out the camera that you just want to keep snapping away, who knows which pic will become the next family treasure. And be sure you’re in the photos! This is something I forget to do, BE present in the photos! Thank goodness for selfie sticks!

Did I miss anything? What photo-perfect moments do you think are important to capture? What amazing spontaneous photo have you captured of your child? Do you like to mix in some posed shots as well? Share your photo experiences with me below!

This is one of my favorite ones of Derrick and the boys: {taken at Sea World last year}

Print this out and stick it on the fridge! 

Parents! It's important to take the time to capture those priceless moments of your kids. Here are over 55 photos you should take of your child this year! 55 Photos to Take of Your Child This Year


55 Photos To Take of your kids this year printable

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  1. January 6, 2017

    I’m actually going to do this challenge. I got some today of Madison playing the snow so I guess I’m off to a good start. This is my 55 week challenge and it’ll be something we can all look back upon. Love this!

  2. January 23, 2017

    Great ideas!

  3. January 24, 2017

    What a great post idea!! Beautiful family too~That top pic is amazingly clear. Great blog! New follower! Sharing on FB. Thanks for linking up at #MerryMonday!

  4. January 25, 2017

    Your pictures are amazing. And your children are gorgeous. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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