101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom

Are you tired of hearing I'm bored from the kids? Here's a big list of ideas to keep kids from being bored! 101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom

Are you tired of hearing I’m bored from the kids? Here’s a big list of ideas to keep kids from being bored! 101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom

Are you tired of hearing I'm bored from the kids? Here's a big list of ideas to keep kids from being bored! 101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom


101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom

Do you cringe when you hear your children yell, “I’m bored”? Many parents do.. hello, ME! If you hear those words way too often, it may be time to keep some boredom busters on hand. And yes, it’s easy to tell them to grab their iPad or play a video game. However, sometimes, we need to put down the electronics and come up with other ideas for our kids!

Not sure where to begin? Take a peek below at 101 boredom busters you can refer to when there seems like nothing to do. These 101 boredom busters are easy, inexpensive ways to beat boredom. Depending on your child’s age, some of these ideas may be too young, or for the teens. But, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Here is how you can get started.

1. Rent a Redbox movie for $2 or less. You can also check out free movies on Amazon.
2. Head to the library and check out story time.
3. Rent some video games or new CDs from the library.
4. Draw with sidewalk chalk. Raining? Snowing? Use them on black paper.
5. Make bubbles and have a bubble blowing contest.
6. Head to the dollar store for fun and frugal craft supplies.
7. Make some break and bake cookies.
8. Go on a nature walk.
9. Paint each other’s nails.
10. Play a game of cards, like Uno.
11. Play a fun game of hangman. {classic but the boys love this!}
12. Build a kite.
13. Build a mini sail boats.
14. Visit a local greenhouse.
15. Check out the local history museum.
16. Go to the dollar movie theater. {one of our favorite things to do}
17. Play hide and seek.
18. Play a game of I-spy.
19. Have a pillowcase race.
20. Take a glowstick-lit bath.
21. Watch old family movies. {another favorite of the boys. They love to look at themselves when they were babies!!}
22. Look through old family photos.
23. Trace your hands on paper and decorate.
24. Cook a snack together.
25. Make homemade lemonade.
26. Make a fort out of pillows and blankets.
27. Turn an old box into a spaceship.
28. Make a time capsule.
29. Hide a treasure and draw out a pirate map.
30. Write some poetry.
31. Get a disposable camera and take fun pictures.
32. Take dry erase markers and decorate the mirrors in your home.
33. Make a bunting banner out of scrap paper or fabric.
34. Finger paint using dyed pudding.
35. Go star-gazing.
36. Have a picnic either indoors or out.
37. Plan the perfect birthday party. Zayd’n LOVES to sit and plan his upcoming birthday, even if it is months away!
38. Plant some seeds in indoor starter pots.
39. Have slinky races down the stairs.
40. Play a game of hot potato.
41. Use old clothes and play dress up.
42. Get out old makeup and do makeovers.
43. Host a talent show.
44. Practice your lip sync skills.
45. Make your own play dough.
46. Download free game apps.
47. Make popsicles. {We recently purchased a popsicle maker, and the boys love having homemade popsicles to make!}
48. Enjoy your favorite board game. {I just ordered Trouble!}
49. Assemble a puzzle.
50. Look up facts about your favorite animal.
51. Plan a pretend vacation to anywhere in the world.
52. Upcycle old cans into something cool.
53. Make bandanas out of old scrap fabric.
54. Enjoy a movie on Netflix.
55. Play your own game of charades.
56. Plan an indoor parade.
57. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.
58. Better yet, write them a letter.
59. Volunteer at a local pet rescue.
60. Cook for someone less fortunate.
61. Make cards for a local senior center.
62. Go window shopping.
63. Download a free book on your reading device.
64. Look up facts about your favorite actor or actress.
65. Walk your dog or play with your pet.
66. Make your pet a toy out of an old t-shirt. Just rip into strips and braid.
67. Look up facts about your favorite bug.
68. Write a list of all the items you collect or want to collect.
69. Collect a box of toys you no longer play with for donation.
70. Now go through your books and do the same thing!
71. Interview a family member.
72. Make up some new dance moves.
73. Even better, put on some music and host a dance party.
74. Do some leaf rubbings.
75. Melt crayon bits into cupcake cups to make your own rainbow crayons.
76. Make trail mix with candies and nuts.
77. Make an indoor tent and have a campout.
78. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
79. Play flashlight tag indoors.
80. Do some rub on tattoos.
81. Play hairstylist and try some new styles.
82. Play zoo using your stuffed animals.
83. Dry flowers with a heavy book and wax paper.
84. Make jewelry with dried pasta and ribbon.
85. Paint some rocks into colorful animals.
86. Take an old t-shirt and decorate it with fabric paint.
87. Play Simon Says.
88. Use finger paints to make prints of your pet’s paws.
89. Try dehydrating fruits and vegetables.
90. Make your own smoothies or shakes.
91. Try the many free workout/kid’s yoga videos online.
92. Try bird watching.
93. Look up facts about your favorite birds online.
94. Write funny riddles about yourself.
95. Create a secret handshake.
96. Take index cards and make fun business cards.
97. Have fun crafting with balloons.
98. Create a parade of your toy cars and stuffed animals.
99. Read your favorite children’s book.
100. Now, act out that book with your friends or family.
101. Grab a bucket of water and see what sinks and what floats.

When you keep this list of 101 boredom busters on hand, you will never deal with boredom again (well we hope not!). Give these ideas a try!

P.S. if all else fails, there’s always telling them they can do chores and clean up their room. THAT little trick works wonders in our house!

What do you do to keep your kids from getting bored? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from ya!

P.S.S. You can find more ways to entertain your kids, especially boys by checking out my tips on ways to entertain boys in summer! And you will find more helpful tips by reading 32 ways to keep kids learning in summer!

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Are you tired of hearing I'm bored from the kids? Here's a big list of ideas to keep kids from being bored! 101 Ways To Get Rid of Boredom

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