7 More Cute Elf On The Shelf Ideas


The Elf On The Shelf is one of the cutest ideas over the last few years, and of course, we love sharing our favorite 7 More Cute Elf On The Shelf Ideas.  These are sure to make everyone giggle as they discover the latest antics of their Elf or elves.  Make sure to set up your Elf to be a cute and fun addition to your Christmas routine this year!

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Cute Elf On The Shelf Ideas


Elfie loves looking at himself in the mirror.  He is so handsome that he knew you’d want to see him even when he wasn’t there.  He replaced your family pictures with pictures of himself so you won’t forget him this year!

Elf PicturesCredit: This Mama Loves

Elfie just missed that snow so much at the North Pole, that he had to create his own here!  He used some sugar from the pantry to have fun making Snow Angels while you were sleeping!


Credit: Stockpiling Moms

These Elves decided they wanted to warm up in the manger and say hello to Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.  This reminds us of the real reason behind the season.  The greatest story ever told wasn’t about the Elf or Santa, but about Jesus birth.


Credit: See Mom Click

This Elf was excited to encourage the toddler in the house to use the potty like a big kid, so he found a doll potty and decided to lead by example!

DIY Inspired Toilet Training ElfieCredit: DIY Inspired

Elfie really dreams of taking over the sleigh driving duties when he is older, so he decided to practice his reindeer skills by working with these My Little Pony’s instead.  You have to start somewhere!


Credit: A Small Snippet

Elfie is always excited to share a special treat with the kids!  This time he snuck into the fridge and turned the milk green!  What a special holiday treat!


Credit: Mom’s Kitchen Recipe Swap

Elfie gets a bit lonely during those long quiet nights.  Who can blame him for having a little fun taking Barbie for a joy ride?


Credit: Jen McKen Photography

These Cute Elf On The Shelf ideas are sure to make your kids smile.  Thinking outside the box and having fun with Elfie is the key to great success with this holiday tradition!

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