Toy Story 4 Theme Party

Planning a birthday around the release of Toy Story 4? I have everything you want to know about planning a Toy Story 4 party for a birthday or just for fun! 

Are you planning a birthday around the release of Toy Story 4? I have everything you want to know about planning a Toy Story 4 party for a birthday or just for fun! 

Toy Story 4 Themed party


Toy Story 4 opens this weekend in a theater near you. And with this movie coming out in the summer, it’s the perfect theme to plan a birthday party around or a just-because-you-love Toy Story party. 

Although my boys are older, they were still excited to see this film and shared their thoughts from a teen’s point of view in our Toy Story 4 movie review.  My 13-year-old plans to see it again this weekend with his friends. Yup, that’s how much tweens and teens will love this movie. It’s funny and with the addition of the new characters, Toy Story 4, in my opinion, is by far our favorite movie in this series. 

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

So, you’re planning a birthday party around the Toy Story theme. What to serve, how to decorate, and everything else in between, right? Planning a party can be overwhelming, but hopefully, these tips will help you plan the best Toy Story party ever! 

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

First, make a list of everything you will need. This is what I did for our Toy Story 4 party. 

Full disclaimer: I love planning parties and putting them together. But I also believe in taking shortcuts, aka buying already made crafts, desserts, ordering from Etsy, etc. I am not the type of party DIY’er where I make everything from scratch. So while this party looks amazing, it is something anyone can do, even if you’re not a crafter or a DIY’er! 

How to plan a Toy Story party

Toy Story Paper Products. Plates, napkins, dessert plates, silverware, straws, and cups. {You can pick these up at Party City or order on Amazon} You can also buy party packs, which has everything you need, including decor. The blue bandana cowboy napkins were ordered from Amazon, as well as the paper straws. 

Toy Story Party ideas

Toy Story decor items. Again, Party City, Walmart, Amazon, Oriental Trading are great places to find decor. I also used Etsy to pick up Toy Story decor items. I picked up the Toy Story buckets, hats, and paper products from Party City. 

How to make Toy Story themed cupcakes

Cupcakes. You can either make customized Toy Story cupcakes, or you can pick up cupcakes from your local bakery or stores like Walmart. I did both. I used a local person to order Toy Story themed cupcakes, and I also picked up cupcakes from Walmart. I ordered cupcake toppers from Amazon

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

Toy Story Toys. If you don’t already have Toy Story toys, not only would this be a great birthday gift to give to your child after the party, but you have to bring a few of the characters to a themed party!  

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

Food + drinks. I’m all about keeping it simple with pizza, chicken wings, chips, and fruit. However, if you’re into having themed Toy Story food, you can easily search Pinterest for ideas. We did make a fun kid-friendly blue soda for the kids. {recipe will be posted soon}

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

Location. Where will you have your party? Backyard parties are always fun, but if your weather is like my weather, I would nix an outdoor party. Hosting a kid’s birthday party at the movie theater is one of my favorite recommendations. When I’ve had themed birthday parties for my sons, like Smurfs, we always had it at the movies and rented one of their rooms. It’s the perfect set-up. 

Toy Story Themed Cake

Cake + Cookies. I used the same local person to make a Toy Story cake as well as themed cupcakes. However, if you don’t have time/funds to order a specialized cake, nor do you have the desire to make a cake, I have a cool cake hack. Pick up a Carvel® Ice Cream Cake with Confetti from Walmart and decorate it with Toy Story accessories. 

How to plan a Toy Story themed party

Additional Toy Story snacks. Right now, you can find a variety of Toy Story themed products from some of your favorite brands. Babybel cheese has themed Toy Story characters, Pepperidge Farm, Betty Crocker, and Kellogg’s cereal all have themed snacks available for purchase at a grocery store near you. 

Toy Story Themed Party

Gift Bags + Thank you cards. I picked up gift bags at Party City. You can find them there or any store that sells party supplies. You can also find little trinkets to put in the gift bags, as well as thank you tags for your guests. Sellers on Etsy have printables you can customize. Don’t forget to send out invitations, which you can find at the same stores. 

Toy Story Balloon Garland

Backdrop + balloon garland. For this party idea, I wanted to try my hand at putting together a balloon garland. I’ve seen them at the parties and thought they added a lot of pizzaz to a party. I was able to find a balloon garland kit online, as well as the blue sky backdrop. {stay tuned for details on how I put the Toy Story balloon garland together} Learn how to make a Toy Story themed balloon garland. 

Toy Story Themed Party idea

Toy Story Printables. I used Etsy to order Toy Story printables for our water bottles, food labels, thank you tags, and signs. You can also find vendors who can customize these printables for you. Toy Story Party Printables {FREE}

Toy Story movies

Toy Story movies. If you’re planning to host a Toy Story marathon, be sure you have all the movies on deck! 

Toy Story Birthday party ideas

Candy. This is optional. But if you do decide to serve candy, you can find cute themed cups like the ones shown above on Etsy. 

How to plan a Toy Story party

Decorating the table. For this party, I used a cow print fabric as the runner, picked up from the local craft store. I added white melamine plates, followed by cowboy napkins and a cow print napkin, and a Toy Story paper plate. I added a small cowboy hat to each table setting. I picked up mason jars with a top + straw set from Target’s Dollar spot.

How to make Buzz Lightyear cookies

I used a plate of Toy Story themed cookies for the center, added food, and this tablescape is complete. When decorating parties for kids, I try to keep in mind that boys can be rough, and the fewer breakables on the table, the better. 

Make your own Forky

Crafts- Things to keep kids busy. If you’re hosting a party at the theater, then the movie is the entertainment. However, if you’re hosting this at your home or another location, be sure you have enough activities to keep kids busy. A popular idea would be to have each child make their own Forky. Party City and Amazon sell Forky kits, with enough supplies to make 4 Forkys. You can also just buy the supplies and learn how to make your own Forky. 

Toy Story Party ideas

Putting together a Toy Story party idea is a lot of fun! And of course, the kids (and adults) will love it! The biggest part of this party was gathering all of my supplies. I used a variety of sources like Party City, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target, plus ordering baked goods from a local lady. Adding the balloon garland was one of the best things I could have done to really bring this party together. 

Toy Story Themed Balloon Garland

Why You Need A Balloon Garland

Putting this balloon garland together took some time, but it adds a lot of “pop” to this party! This was my first time using a balloon garland in a party idea, and now I am hooked! 

Toy Story party ideas

My youngest invited a few friends over to our Toy Story themed party, and they had a blast. They enjoyed all of it, including making their own Forky. Yes, kids will love doing this, especially after seeing Toy Story 4, now playing in theaters. 

Planning a birthday around the release of Toy Story 4? I have everything you want to know about planning a Toy Story 4 party for a birthday or just for fun!

Now you can plan your own Toy Story party with all of these ideas I’ve shared above. If you have any questions or if I forgot to cover something, drop me a note down below! We love to party here at the Worthey house and putting together this Toy Story party was a lot of FUN! 

How to plan a Toy Story party

Toy Story Party Photos

Here are a few more photos from our party! 

Toy Story Party for kids

Toy Story Party for kids

Ducky and Bunny in Toy Story 4

Toy Story Party for kids

Toy Story Party Food and drinks

{This kid-friendly drink will be coming soon!}

Cheers to the opening weekend of Toy Story 4

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