How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

Create an easy and stress-free award show dinner party with these tips: How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

If you have plans to host a dinner party soon, well you need a plan. So, do you want to entertain your friends and really wow them?  Or maybe you wish to throw a lavish award show bash and don’t know how.  I have some great tips on How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party. Keep reading for easy tips and spot-on decor ideas, and I have even developed three super quick, no-fail and lip smacking delicious recipes to recreate and enjoy!

Create an easy and stress-free award show dinner party with these tips: How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

Throughout the year, there are lots of reasons to celebrate with a bit of style. For me, the beginning of every new year is the start of something new, and I get a clean slate to pencil in with fun things to do along the way.

I look forward to the award show season, don’t you? Now, I don’t watch every single award show, but I have several favorites. A few days ago, the husband asked me about hosting a few friends over for a dinner party. Then, as we were brainstorming, we thought, how about turning our little get together into an awards show viewing party? This would be a fun way to not only entertain our friends but to bring a lil’ bit of polish and shine to eating and merry-making.


Most people know “The Wortheys” for putting together fabulous table spreads filled with GOOD food.

So, today I’m sharing with you how to host a FABULOUS Award Show Party. 

You can apply these tips to any award show or just a fancy, but laid back dinner party!

White & Silver Award Show Dinner Idea


First things first. Before you do ANYTHING, you need a plan. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When are you hosting the party? Weekday or weekend?
  2. How many people do you want to invite? (Also, will you email invites, create a social media invite, text message or send via mail?) And make sure they RSVP!
  3. Do you have the capacity to host all of the people you invite? Look over the layout of your home to figure out how you can make it work. Our house is a little on the smaller side, so I get creative in coming up with finding places to seat guests.
  4. What type of food do you want to serve? You can check out the recipes on our blog (or the recipes we created for our award show below) for ideas and inspiration. Then, there’s always recipe ideas to gather over on Pinterest. When in doubt, make recipes you are SURE will be a success! 
  5. What types of drinks will you serve? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Serving is always a good plan.
  6. Do you have any friends with food allergies, vegan, gluten-free, etc.?
  7. How much do you plan to spend? (Create a budget for your party. This is crucial!)
  8. Since this is an award show dinner party, will you have people dress up? Character or themed dinners are a LOT of fun!

White & Silver Award Show Dinner Tablescape Idea


Once you have set the date for your dinner party award show event, it’s time to start prepping for the party. About two weeks before the party, make a list of all the things you will need. This includes making a cleaning schedule (yes, clean those toilets!). For me, I don’t clean my house until the day or so before the party. With three boys running around, it’s only going to get dirty. Always make time to clean, bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Pretty much plan on cleaning everywhere.

A week before the party, sit down and create your grocery list. Be sure to think of EVERYTHING you may need (this includes buying toilet paper). If your party is on the weekend, shop the weekend before or at the beginning of the week. Don’t forget to think about your party decorations or them items! Will you use paper products or pull out the good china?

Also, double-check to make sure all guests have RSVP’d for the party.

Look over your menu. What items can you prep and store a few days before the party? Day of, you want to be as organized as possible, so prepping food ahead of time will save you a lot of time and energy.

The night before the party,  double-check what needs to be cleaned. Focus on the areas where guests will frequent the most: dining room, bathroom, living room, entryway, etc..

Be sure you have air fresheners and essentials stocked in the bathroom.

This is also a good time to think about your cooking strategy for tomorrow. Which dishes need to be prepared first, last, served hot, etc.?

Party Time

It’s the day of the party! Get up early so you have time to cook and get everything together. Hopefully, if you have followed my tips, you have everything you’ll need, and you’re going to rock this party OUT! In our house, Derrick does all of the cooking, so the pressure to be perfect is not on my shoulders. WHEW. While he is busy cooking, I prep the table.

Here’s how you can create an easy dinner award show tablescape:How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party


For this tablescape idea, I used a mix of square and round silver chargers. I also used a combination of plates. It’s perfectly okay to mix up your tableware, especially if you’re hosting a big crowd and have limited supplies. I mixed white/silver trim plates with white/black/gold/blue trim plates. A total of three different tableware designs but they play beautifully together. At first, I wasn’t sure how they would look, but in the end, I think I nailed it!

How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

On each charger, I set a dinner plate, followed by a white salad plate. I decided to place the bowls on top of each place setting due to spacing issues around the table, plus it just looks nice.

For the napkins, I used plain white napkins. To jazz them up, I took pieces of ribbon left over from Christmas (you can buy fabric from your local craft store) and cut each piece to fit around the napkin.

How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

I repeated this process to complete the sophisticated-looking design around each chair.

How To Host a FABULOUS Award Show Party

After adding the silverware, drinking and martini glasses, this simple design is fabulously finished!

For the centerpiece, I used a plain gray table runner with fringed tassels for a bit of flair. I also used a few decor pieces from my Red, White, and Silver Christmas Tablescape.

The winter wonderland in a vase is one of my favorite, easy DIY ideas. You just need a few sticks (you can pick them up in a local woodland or at your local craft store), fill a tall vase with fake snow, and that’s it!

White & Silver Award Show Dinner Idea-9

To make your job a little easier, have your appetizers ready and drinks prepared to pour about thirty minutes before guests arrive. For our dinner party, I created a separate space for drinks and coffee.

Here's an easy way to create a coffee and drink bar area for your party!

Our coffee & drink bar area holds coffee cups, shot glasses, wine glasses and an ice bucket with cold champagne ready to pour. As much as possible, have self-serving areas set up for your guests to come and go as they please. Trust me, you will thank me later for this little tip! Giving guests the ability to serve themselves takes the pressure off of you and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Here's an easy way to create a coffee and drink bar area for your party!

Entertainment. Of course, watching an award show together is going to be one of the highlights of the evening. Let’s take it up a notch! I put together a Bingo Award Show printable for you to use. Each sheet has funny ideas such as someone cries, someone photobombs a selfie, winner mentions kids, etc. Whoever gets a Bingo wins! Have a small prize (optional), or the winner walks away with bragging rights.

Award Show Bingo Printable1

Throughout the evening, check to see if drinks need to be refilled or if more food needs to be brought out.

We put together a few easy appetizers and cocktail mix you can use for your party that will be a SURE HIT! 

Easy Appetizers for Award Show Party

Angus Steak Bruschetta Appetizers {get ingredients and recipe here}

Angus Steak Bruschetta Appetizers

Fresh Layered Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette {get ingredients and recipe here}

Fresh Layered Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette-5

Avocado, Sweet Potato & Gruyère Cheese Dip {great ingredients and recipe here}

Avocado, Sweet Potato & Gruyere Cheese Dip


Iced Sweet Melon Martini {great recipe here}

Iced Sweet Melon Martini


You made it! The party is over and the last guest has finally finished their Iced Sweet Melon Martini and walked out the door! About time, right? Also, make sure there is a designated driver for everyone or call a taxi if you think a guest may need one. Got to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound, right?

So, now it’s time to clean up.

Yes, clean up. Depending on the guests coming over, you can always get them to clean up after themselves before bidding their adieu.

If not, I hope you have a dishwasher. Or if you opted for paper products, just toss everything in the trash.

In the following days, follow-up with your guests thanking them for coming to your award show party. Also, take the time to evaluate how you did.

  • Did the food come out okay?
  • Did you have too many people? Not enough people?
  • Did your guests enjoy the food? Entertainment, etc?
  • Did you stay on budget?

And the final question is, when are you going to do it again?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, then my friend, you have successfully pulled off a FABULOUS Award Show party!


With all of the award shows coming up this season, do you have plans to host an award show party? If so, tell me about it below in the comments. And be sure to click on the individual links for all of the ingredients and recipes!

How to host a party

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    Have an awesome week!
    ~ Ashley

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