New Year’s Eve Bucket List | 15 Things to Do Before Midnight

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Create a fun New Year’s Eve Bucket List this year with our 15 things to do before Midnight. Make fun memories that won’t end at midnight, but live on forever.

Create a fun New Year's Eve Bucket List this year with our 15 things to do before Midnight. Make fun memories that won't end at midnight, but live on forever.

New Year’s Bucket List | 15 Things to Do Before Midnight

Can you believe New Year’s Eve is approaching? Pretty soon the clock will be striking midnight and a new year will begin. There are so many fun ways to spend New Year’s eve, and we have compiled a list of things to do before the clock strikes midnight to keep you busy! Take a look at this New Year’s Eve bucket list, 15 things to do before midnight so you can make the most of this fun holiday!

1. Wear a silly hat or crown. Dressing up is part of celebrating NYE! Wear a fun hat or tiara to ring in the New Year with some sparkle!

2. Gather your noisemakers. You HAVE to have noise makers to ring at midnight. Gather your whistles, horns, and noisemakers so you are ready to get wild when the clock strikes.

3. Drink some sparkling juice. Or sparkling wine, if you wish! Have a glass ready for when the clock strikes so you can be sure to take a sip and toast the New Year!

Here are some drink ideas (for kids and adults)

4. Make your resolutions. Now is the time to make your resolutions and decide how you are going to make this the best year yet. A journal is a great way to do this! Related: 6 New Year’s Resolutions to Renew Your Spirit

5. Reflect on the joys of the last year. What memorable things happened this last year? Now is the time to reflect. If you journal, now is the time to reflect on all of the positive memories you enjoyed.

6. Eat some pomegranate seeds. This is an age-old NYE tradition that is supposed to bring good luck. Eat some pomegranate seeds and see if it doesn’t bring you some luck.

7. Make a toast. Raise your glass and propose a toast. It can be wishing others luck in the New Year, or just a toast telling your family and friends you love them.

8. Play a card game. Can you remember your parents playing cards, waiting for midnight to strike? Get out a deck and play some of your favorite card games to make the time pass.

9. Call and wish a loved one a Happy New Year. Pick up the phone and call a loved one to wish them happiness, health, and peace in the New Year. They will surely appreciate it. This year has been a rough year for our family (again), losing two uncles and several close friends of the family. You never know when someone may pass away, so don’t pass up the opportunity to call them! 

10. Go outside and enjoy the last night sky of 2017. Take the time to go out and stargaze. Enjoy the last Skyfall of the year and all the beauty it has to offer.

11. Listen to Auld Lang Sygn. This traditional NYE hymn is a beauty and one that is fun to sing when the clock strikes! {The Mariah Carey version is one of my favorite ones!} 

12. Watch a favorite movie. Still looking for ways to pass the time? Watch your favorite Christmas or holiday movie one last time. Check out our favorite Christmas movies. 

13. Enjoy one last glass of egg nog. Stores will be pulling this stuff off the shelves in just 24 hours. Now is the time to enjoy it before it goes away for the year. And if you don’t want the store-bought version, you can try our Bourbon Eggnog recipe (it’s eggless!)

14. Take a family photo. Take a quick and informal family photo documenting your NYE. It is fun to compare them from year to year. Related: 52 Ways to bond with your kids this year

15. Watch the NYE festivities on TV. There are so many NYE television events, complete with fun concerts and celebrity appearances. Be sure to tune in and celebrate. The Dick Clark show is one of our favorite ones to watch, what’s yours? 

Are you ready to ring in the New Year right? Consider this New Year’s Bucket List and you will be sure to create a memorable New Year!

Have a safe and Happy New Year! 



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Create a fun New Year's Eve Bucket List this year with our 15 things to do before Midnight. Make fun memories that won't end at midnight, but live on forever.

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  1. christy41970
    December 29, 2017

    I love this list! We do most of these things. Do you eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day? I never heard of the pomegranate seed one.

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